Eyelids + Eye Bags Treatment

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Icing Eyelid to Help Heal After Eyelid Surgery?

For how long (days) after lower eyelid surgery should I ice to speed up the recovery? I know it takes time but I'm getting a little frustrated because... READ MORE

Swelling, Ridges, and Hardness After Blepharoplasty

I had lower Blepharoplasty done 6 weeks ago. One eye was perfect, the other had a ridge of swelling under the stitches and I noticed that a hardish... READ MORE

Bruising and Fold After Lower Eyelid Surgery

I had a lower eyelid surgery/eyebag removal 5 weeks ago and the bags actually now look more prominent but higher up. They were not that bad and the... READ MORE

Lumps formed 3months after Lower Lid Surgery

I had lower lid surgery done, I wasn't pleased so my PS did it 3months later. After I began to heal I formed 2 lumps under one eye, which I was... READ MORE

What would be the best option to make my eyes not so baggy/poofy? (Photo)

I have big eyes and I love them. I believe theyare my best feature, but I always have big poofy bags under my eyes, especially when I smile, and it's... READ MORE

I've had 3 consultations (2 plastic and one ocular plastic surgeon) for under eye bags with three opinions. (photos)

Which do I choose? 1 surgeon said I needed a lower and upper bleph, 1 recommended 1 vial of Voluma for both eyes around the upper cheeks and some... READ MORE

Treatment options for eye bags, thin under eye skin, and visible veins in 26 year old. (Photo)

I'm 26 with dark eye circles, thin under eye skin, and bags. I don't think they are hereditary as my mother and identical twin don't have them. The... READ MORE

Permanent fix to under eye bags and droopy eyelids? (Photo)

Hi, I have always been really self conscious about my eyes and it has affected my life in negative ways. I have eyes that sort of 'bulge' out and look... READ MORE

What can fix my under eye wrinkles and bags? Fillers, lasers or surgery? (photos)

I suffer with hooded eyes, I have really heavy lids and you can't really see my eyelids. I disguise this with make up. I've also got under eye bags... READ MORE

I suffer from dark circles and deep sunken eyes. Help! What would you suggest? (photos)

My brother and sister suffer from the same defects. My eyes are naturally very sunken and are very dark. Not only the underneath my eyes but also my... READ MORE

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