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Can Laser Treatment Reduce Eye Bags?

I have eye bags which are not big enough to have eye bag surgery, they are slightly puffy, was wondering if pixel laser or any other type of laser... READ MORE

Would a Dermal Filler Work for My Under Eye Bags? (photo)

I have hereditary under eye bags and dark circles, as shown in the photos. I am only 18 and have had them for as long as I can remember. Would dermal... READ MORE

Juvederm for Eye Bags Safe and Effective? (photo)

Have seen a doctor who has recommended injecting juvederm under the bag (between the bag and the cheek) to make it less noticeable. Is this procedure... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for Bags Under the Eyes?

I have heard that Restyline is preferred over Juvederm? READ MORE

What would be the most effective/natural-appearing treatment for tear troughs/under eye bags in a female in her 30s? (Photo)

I am in my 30s and have worsening under eye year troughs, puffy bags and fine wrinkles under the eyes. I have been researching lower lid... READ MORE

What's the most effective under eye laser to reduce bags/increase collagen. Can you have laser after tear duct filler? (photos)

I am looking to improve the look, thickness, colour and hollowing under my eyes. Which type or laser would you suggest? (Im 33) Should you treat the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for bags under the eyes?

I am beginning to get bags under my eyes. I had a underage blepheropasty a number of years ago, but after a considerable number of years, it is... READ MORE

How can I effectively diminish the appearance of under-eye bags without surgery? (photos)

32 year-old here with annoying under eye bags. I am wondering if there are good non-surgical options to diminish the appearance of these bags. I wake... READ MORE

Most effective non-surgical methods for crepey/lax undereyes? 39 and no longer want Botox, seems to be making it worse (photo)

Most docs don't want to do fillers. How can I fix this without a lower bleph (scared of that surgery). So tired of looking 10 years older. So self... READ MORE

Eye bag removal, male, 38. Best options?

I am looking for information on best and most effective method of eye bag removal in the uk. I am interested to hear about surgical and non surgical... READ MORE

Tired eyes, what are the options? (photos)

Hi, In the last 5 years I got this really tired looking specially in the eye area. Please, which are the safest (and effective) treatments for this... READ MORE

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