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Under Eye Bags Treatment in San Jose

Hello, I've had under eye bags since I was a child. I felt that I would wake up with under eye bags from too much sleep or when I had too much... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Festoon Laser in Naples or Fort Myers, FL

The festoon laser for bags & dark circles. I have serious issues with mine & cab't travel away for that long of a time. Need something... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Surgeon in Greater Toronto Area Who is Experienced with Injectable Fillers to Treat Under Eye Hollow Circles.

Every office I've contacted has said:1)the surgeon will NOT meet with me in advance of the tx date to at least estimate the chance of good outcome... READ MORE

I’m Searching For A Skilled Eyelid Surgeon in the USA That Uses the Arcus Marginalis Release Technique, Any Recommendations?

I'm from italy ,24 years old and have very pronounced eyebags and tear troughs.I think that transc. fat repositioning would work very well for me but... READ MORE

I don't know if I have malar bags or festoons? I just want them gone! Any suggestions? (photos)

I can't stand my under eye bags it's bringing me down, just want to know if there's any surgeons in Sydney that do this procedure?? READ MORE

What can I do to fix the bags under my eyes? (Photo)

I'm 28 and feel like under my eyes look much older! - I'm the jacksonville fl area I would love a recommendation. READ MORE

I Am A45 Year Old African American Male Looking for a Experience Doctor to Perform Lower Blepharoplasty?

I am a 45 year old african american male in charlotte NC looking for a highly experience doctor to perform lower eye blepharoplasty in the charlotte... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Eye Bag Surgery in Turkey?

I Am Planning to Have Surgery Done in Turkey(eye Bags )any Recomendations As  to Where to go? I have been getting mixed messages from my... READ MORE

I'm looking for a non-surgical method for under eye bags remover, some type of filler. (Photo)

I'm looking for a non-surgical method for under eye bag removal. I'm looking to achieve semi-permanent results. And my price range is under 1,500.00... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recomend a Good Plastic Surgeon for Eye Bags in London?

I have been looking for a plastic surgeon to carry out eye bag removal from lower eyes but would like one who is recommended. I have visited Transform... READ MORE

I want a doctor in NYC that could perform a fat grafting procedure to correct hollow eyes/dark circles.

I have had dark circles since I was 12. They are hereditary. I am of Mediterranean decent. After doing hours of research I came to the conclusion that... READ MORE

Looking For Artist/Surgeon Metro Atlanta Area - Eye Double Whammy

I have two unfortunate issues with my eyes - usually triggering compliments of the nature "You look tired, is everything OK?": 1) Hollow... READ MORE

I want my festoon/malar bags gone. Need help finding someone that really know how to fix this. Anyone in N Calif? (photo)

Some Dr believe I have leftover filler. I don't think so, little? See picture before and aft fill. So many opinions I don’t know what to do. Like t... READ MORE

Who surgically treats Malar bags in or around Minnesota?

I am a 43 year old woman with malar bags, one side more prominent then the other. I have no medical reason for them it is simply genetics in my case.... READ MORE

A great doctor to help eliminate my hollow under eyes and bags. An expert in facial fillers in Delaware

Hi, I'm in my 30's and have always had great skin/facial features but the last few years I'm really noticing the hollowing under my eyes ( I hate it)... READ MORE

My husband & I are looking into finding a doctor who can surgically remove his bags under his eyes. Any suggestions? (photo)

Is this procedure permanent? What is an average cost, procedure, length of time to heal & recover? READ MORE

Any recommendation for Eye bag removal in Dominican Republic?

Hey i'm looking for a doctor for eye bag removal, located in Dominican republic. im going for a holiday there January 2015. Also im booked to have a... READ MORE

Are these dark circles caused by just blood vessels? (Photo)

I have really bad dark circles and blue veins at the side of them I never had them up until I was 14 I wasn't sure if they were caused by me breaking... READ MORE

I'm 56 yr old female with puffy under eye bags. What treatment would you recommend?

I would like to know if any hospitals in long island, new york have residents in dermatology that need patients to work on while overseen by a board... READ MORE

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