Discoloration + Eye Bags Treatment

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Can I Do Something About the Thin Discolored Skin Under my Eyes? (photo)

I have really thin skin under my eyes, which makes the capillaries and muscle shine through. This gives me a severe case of raccoon eyes, because... READ MORE

Can Someone Develop Keloids from Under Eye Bag Removal?

I am considering getting the bag under my eyes removed. The doctor said that it is done behind the eye. Can I develop keloids? Also, he is wanting to... READ MORE

I Have Malar Bags and Discoloration Under Eyes- Best Treatment?

What is the best way to treat malar bags and dark coloration under the eyes. Lower bleph made the bags look worse. Make up doesn't help because of... READ MORE

What treatments can help reduce this under eye purple discoloration? (Photo)

I have had these purple under eye circles for as long as I can remember (I'm 20 years old). I have included some photos, all under different lighting... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Under Eye Skin? (Photos)

My under eye skin is slightly puckered and has a slightly different pigmentation from the rest of my face. This is only minor and is usually worse... READ MORE

What's the best creams for tear trough under eye blue/purple/red discoloration? (Photo)

I have always had a blue-ish/purple/red discoloration to my inner tear trough. I have been told that there is no laser treatment available for this,... READ MORE

Why is the skin over malar bags more discolored and wrinkly and can it be sucessfully resurfaced?

The crescents of skin covering my malar bags are more wrinkly and discolored than the surrounding skin. 1. Is it because repeated swelling and... READ MORE

What to Do About Discolored, Under Eye Grooves? (photo)

I have bags under my eyes, but also have deep under eye grooves that are reddish. I had fillers about 10 months ago that I felt took care of the... READ MORE

I have huge eye bags and discoloration under my eyes. I'm only 24 years old. What would be a permanent solution? (Photo)

I'm looking for a more permanent solution and micro fat graftinI have huge eye bags and discoloration under my eyes. I'm only 24 years old. What would... READ MORE

Possible tear trough deformity? (photos)

Hello. I am a twenty-nine year old male and over the last month I have noticed that discoloration/bagginess is developing under my eyes. In the... READ MORE

I'm 13 years old. How to get rid of deep creases? (photos)

The creases started at age 9, they slowly got deeper and deeper as the years went on. I'm 13 now and I have horrible creases and a bad case of... READ MORE

Chronic discoloration and deep eye lines. Cause? (Photo)

I have a deep line under my right eye that's not as severe in my left- as in, no matter the angle, it'll be visible in my right but might disappear in... READ MORE

Recently I've noticed a red-purple discoloration under my eyes. What is the cause of this? Any advice? (photos)

After a long run/workout & even sometimes waking up I notice red-purple discoloration under my eyes. Lasts about 1 hr & wares down. This started a... READ MORE

Can I rid myself of these sunken eyes and discolouration? (Photo)

Im a 41 year old female and i have been ill for a long time. I am drastically underweight due to my medical. Which i assumed caused more of a... READ MORE

I am a 49 year old woman who has serious dicoloration under my eyes. (Photo)

What can I do or where can i go to get assistance so that my eyes look normal again? READ MORE

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