Cheekbones + Eye Bags Treatment

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Deep horizontal lines on cheek bones below both the eyes. Could they be caused by sleeping on the sides? (Photo)

I am 27 years old and it's been 4-5 years I have started noticing deep horizontal lines on my cheek bones. Every year I feel these lines are getting... READ MORE

Significant malar bags at 19 years old, what are the solutions? (Photo)

Since I was a child I have had what I think are malar bags - puffiness on my cheekbones rather than directly under my eyes. They seem to be getting... READ MORE

I have hollows and bags under my eyes. Would under-eye fillers or a cheek bone augmentation be better for me? (photos)

Since I've lost weight, I noticed that the space under my eyes has become very hollow and it always looks like I have bags under my eyes. I drink a... READ MORE

What Type of Eye Bag Removal Surgery Would You Reccomend for Me? (photo)

19 yr old male & going on 20. I've always been self conscious about the look of my eyes. I just want my self-confidence back because this has... READ MORE

What is the Best Solution for Under Eye Bags?

I have eye bags who tend to become really apparent when Im tired and I don't have much cheek bones. A surgeon told me I should get small implants... READ MORE

I'm not sure if I have malar bags or festoons. I have swelling under my eyes on my cheekbones. (Photo)

Im 41 and recently started noticing the swelling. Sometimes it doesn't look bad while other times I look deformed. I want them gone but i have no idea... READ MORE

I have festoons/malar mounds from sun damage, is there a way to reduce them?

I'm 18 years old and due to sun damage a few years ago, I've developed these festoons on the upper edge of my cheek bones. They are really noticeable,... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for under eye hollows? (photos)

I'd like some help with what I can do with my under eye area, I saw a plastic surgeon the other day and he said my under eye hollows are due to... READ MORE

How do you get rid of under eye wrinkles/eye bags and malar festoons? (Photo)

Not sure if the indents on the top of my cheekbones are malar festoons but that's what I think they are. How can I get rid of them? I would definitely... READ MORE

I'm only 19 and i think i may have malar festoons/tear troughs how do i get rid of them? (photos)

I seem to have developed these lines from my eyes to cheekbones, i started to notice them near the end of april (finals week for college). I figured... READ MORE

Festoons/malar bags at 19? (Photo)

I have had these bags or whatever they are since high school, but I feel as though they have gotten worse. They are kind of puffy on the cheekbones... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for under eye hollowness? (Photo)

Hello, I've had hollowness beneath my eye after losing weight during my teen years in high school. I've lost a total of 70 lbs of weight throughout 4... READ MORE

Is this treatable? Always have had slight bags under eyes (Photos)

Always have had slight bags under eyes, lately i have had swelling under right eye on upper cheekbone. It seems to come and go in size. Sometimes... READ MORE

I have these puffy fluid like pockets on both my cheekbones. I believe they are festoons? To me they are very bad. (Photo)

I would like to know what I can do to reduce the puffiness or to get rid of them completely? READ MORE

Hollow eyes, how to fix it. (photos)

I have very high check bones, which cause my under eyes to look hollow. I look tired all the time. What can I do to fix this? READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend for my under eye bags and wrinkles? (Photo)

I have always had a problem with my eyes having bags and wrinkles. Severe allergies and high cheekbones I feel accentuates this problem! I'd love to... READ MORE

I got festoons or malar bags on my cheekbones. (Photo)

I got small festoons on my cheek bone. And it been almost 2 years and it never go away. So what should i do to get rid of this? READ MORE

What might be the cause of and remedy for premature under eye swelling?

I was ten years old when my parents first noticed that I had prominent bags under my eyes. They've never gone away. They're more a part of my... READ MORE

Can anything really be done about bags on my cheekbones and wrinkles under my eyes? (photos)

I have bags right on my cheek bones--the right side is worse than the other, probably because I seem to sleep on that side. Also, they are outlined in... READ MORE

How to remove the puffiness under my eyes!? (photos)

I'm only 19 years old and have these lines that lay right above my cheek bones that appear when I smile. I've had juvederm and laser treatments but... READ MORE

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