Allergic + Eye Bags Treatment

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My 5 Year Old Has Developed Eye Bags

They seemed to develop when he turned 5 about 6 months ago. No, I'm not gonna do anything about it, but I'm curious why that happened.... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags: Are There Any Non-Surgical Options?

I have heavy under eye bags that make me feel much older than my 40 years! They are hereditary and amplified by allergies. Are there any new,... READ MORE

What Causes Under Eye Puffiness?

I'm 31, I developed under-eye puffiness about three weeks ago. I live in New York, looks like an allergy - any idea what caused it and what can... READ MORE

Bags Below my Eyes, Was Told it is From Allergies and Can't be Removed, True?

Not only do I have bags below my eyes that I want removed below that at the top of my cheekbones I have some heavy puffiness that I am told is caused... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Alternatives to Reduce Puffy Under Eye Bags? (photo)

How can I reduce or eliminate under eye puffiness without a lower blepharoplasty? I don't need extra skin removed or wrinkles erased. I find some... READ MORE

Had malar bags/festoons since the age of 13-14. How can this be possible and are they really festoons? I am 20 now.

I've had malar bags/festoons since a young age, I remember this being a period when I had acne and used various topicals. Could I've had a allergic... READ MORE

Do you recommend surgery for these bags under my eyes? I'm concerend that my eyes will droop with age if I do. (Photo)

I'm 48 and am a professor at a university. I can't get rid of them or even lessen them. I tried every under eye cosmetic there is and make-up doesn't... READ MORE

Can Under Eye Bags Caused by Allergy Be Treated with Laser?

My husband has seasonal allergy to dusts and smoke. He has minor under eye bags that swell with allergy episodes. Can these be treated with laser or... READ MORE

I'm 18. My eye bags have swollen 3 times, after taking pain medication, and they almost cover my eyes. Why is this? (Photo)

I ask a doctor on our school clinic and he said that what i have eaten before this happens i said some foods he ask that if you i ate those stuff is... READ MORE

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