Age 35-44 + Eye Bags Treatment

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Non Surgical Procedure for Eye Bag Removal? (photo)

Hello I am a 41 male and have had eye bags for most of my life. I can only remember 2 times in my life when I didn't have them and that was when I was... READ MORE

Eye Bags, Sagging, Dry Skin Under One Eye Especially. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

42 yrs., dry, sagging skin under left eye. The eye seems swollen, and the skin drags down throughout the day. Few tears, optometrist has said I have... READ MORE

Will Tear Trough Injections Work, or Do I Need Something More Dramatic? (photo)

I'm 42-years-old and concealer just isn't doing it anymore. It's rather depressing, as I feel liked I've aged 20 years in the last two... READ MORE

Under Eye Bags: Are There Any Non-Surgical Options?

I have heavy under eye bags that make me feel much older than my 40 years! They are hereditary and amplified by allergies. Are there any new,... READ MORE

i am 38 years old and have puffy red bags on my cheek areas. What can i do to help it? (photo)

They are def more red and puffy in the morning..the skin seems lax in the area.ive attached some photos..please help READ MORE

The Best Way to Remove Wrinkles Around and Under Eye?

Hi i am 42 years old look is very important to me,because i am a Tv REPORTER. may i know what is the best to correct hollow look around eye... READ MORE

Puffy Bags under eyes only when smiling. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am 36yo. The lines that are formed under my eyes when I smile have progressed downward over time. It looks like I have puffy bags underneath my eyes... READ MORE

What Can I Do For My Deep Grooves and Thin Skin Under Eyes? (photo)

Im 35, i have great skin, minimal fine lines... i just had my first filler placed in my smile lines bc having such full deep cheeks... however i... READ MORE

What's causing my eye bags, water retention or fat pads? (Photo)

I am one of those 42 year old woman who hate her eye bags. However, during the rest of the day, my bags looks a tad flatter but it is still noticeable... READ MORE

36 years old and desperate for malar bag solution. What options are available for me? (Photo)

Hi, I'm turning 36. I've just had my first child and while I've been aware of my malar bags (even the very young children in my family have them) for... READ MORE

What's the cause of my sunken eyes and under eye bags? (Photo)

Hi, I am 35 and Lately I have noticed that my eyes haven sunk in more and I have under eye bags. Is is possible that have hypothyroid is the issue and... READ MORE

Which treatment is the most successful for dark circles/puffiness under eyes?

I am 35 and have had this problem my entire life. I am too young to constantly look this tired and old! I am curious which treatment would be the most... READ MORE

I have hollowness under eyes! What can I do? (photos)

I am 36 and I worry about the hollowness under my eyes. I often am asked if I am tired or sleep deprived. I have sunken areas under my eyes and also... READ MORE

I have huge, ugly under eye bags that exacerbate my already unattractive looks. Will surgery help me? (Photo)

If it will help, how much of a difference will I see? Will I look normal, with no signs of bags, or is this too much to hope for? I already know that... READ MORE

Do festoons , malar bags , respond to non invasive skin tightening procedures lasers / Ultrasounds ? Rf yes, which one? (photo)

Hello, I am 38 year old man. One and half years ago i noticed a small swelling along with tingling sensation on top of my cheek / below the eye.. this... READ MORE

Under eye puffiness and, dark circles, and bags; surgery or filler? (photos)

I'm 39, and have some puffiness around my eyes. They range from puffy, to sunken, to sometime crepe-like looking. I've heard of Belotero and I know... READ MORE

I'm a 39 yr old male with malar bags and look really tired what do you suggest? (photo)

I've got these big puffy bags on my cheek bones, I've been thinking it was from years of sun tanning with no protection, although some one said it... READ MORE

Bags under one eye when smile. How to remove?

I am 40 years old. When I smile, one eye gets a big bag under it. In photos it looks like I have a crooked face. The other is ok - just the normal... READ MORE

Malar bags best solution? (photos)

I am 40 years old have been dealing with malar bags for over a year. My board certified plastic surgeon has injected Kenalog and Restalyne and only... READ MORE

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