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How Can I Remove Dark Eye Bags?

I'm now 16 but still have dark bags.And it had become worse now. The dark bags make me look really old and tire all the time, I really need help... READ MORE

My 5 Year Old Has Developed Eye Bags

They seemed to develop when he turned 5 about 6 months ago. No, I'm not gonna do anything about it, but I'm curious why that happened.... READ MORE

Malar Bags/Under Eye bags - Treatment for 16 Year Old

I'm only 16 going on 17 and my eye area looks like the eye area of someone who is 30 years older than me. I have not had this for a long time. I... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of These Deep Lines Under my Eye?

I'm 15. I have had this lines since as far as I can remember. My mom said it runs in the family. READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of 'Hollow' Eyes?

I'm 16 years old, sice I was 12, I began to develop bags under my eyes, every year they've gotten worst. Now I dont have many bags because... READ MORE

Deep Wrinkles and Dark Bags Under Eyes at 17? (photo)

I've had these since I was about 12.Sleeping more won't help.This picture was taken after a 10hr sleep.I tried many at home treatments and some creams... READ MORE

Im 13 and Have Really Bad Permanent Dark Circles?

I have really bad dark circles that are permanent, i've had them ever since i got eczema when i was little but it's gone now but i still have... READ MORE

Eye Bags/Malar Bag Treatment Options?

I am only fifteen but I have had these malar bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember. What can I do about them? They're driving me crazy! READ MORE

17 Year Old with Under Eye Bags? (photo)

Hi I'm a 17 year old female, and I have bags under my eyes. I've had them since I was very young. My mom has them too. I have an appointment for the... READ MORE

What Procedure Can Help my Insanely Puffy Eyes?

I am 17 years old and have been suffering with puffy eyes my entire life. I have consulted countless doctors and no one has been able to help find the... READ MORE

How Can A 17 Year Old Treat Under Eye Circles?

I am only 17 but have dark under eye circles. I don't have allergies or sinus problems. Do I have options other than concealer? My parents are... READ MORE

I'm a 14 year old male, how do I get rid of my under eye bags? (photo)

My bags aren't like every normal kids, mine are big and ugly. It runs in the family but mines worse. I'm 14 and I need advice on how to reduce my... READ MORE

Eye Bags Due to Muscle Not Fat- Is There Any Way To Treat This? (photo)

I was born with oversized eyebags under both eyes, also considering that the left one is bigger than the right. I consulted with a specialist and... READ MORE

I'm 15 years old with deep bags under eyes and dark circles ever since I was born. What treatment would you recommend?

I'm 15 and had deep bags under my eyes ever since I was five. I looked at pictures. I tryed everything, to frrozen spoon to potaos but it don't even... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to get rid of my malar eye bags \ festoons? (photo)

I'm male, 16 years old with incredible malar eye bags. They are not sleep related, so I assume they are genetically related although no one if my... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Options For Eyebags and Circles Under Eyes?

I'm a 15 year old boy and I already have eyebags/circles under my eyes. I've had dark circles since my fourteenth and I started getting... READ MORE

Im 16 Years Old but Have Bad Fat Pockets Below my Eyes and They Make Me Look So Ugly?

Hey im 16 year old and the only thing I hate about my face is these face pockets under my eyes and above my cheekbones.please please tell me they will... READ MORE

I'm 14 and I have huge bags under my eyes all the time, what can I do? (photo)

I get plenty of sleep and I have tried everything but I still have them help! READ MORE

What can i do to get rid of my bags? (Photo)

I have been think of things to do to get rid of my monstrous bags. I'm only 17 and I've had them for as long as I can rememberI don't know how to get... READ MORE

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