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Which is More Effective, Exilis or the New Thermage?

I have read a lot of doctor's opinions here on Ulthera being better than Thermage, but what about Exilis vs Thermage for tightening of the face (not... READ MORE

How Do Exilis Treatments Actually Help Reduce the Fat?

Exploring Exilis for skin tightening & fat reduction, and am trying to fully understand how it works. What actually happens to the fat cells... READ MORE

Is Exilis Effective in Tightening/contouring Upper Arms? (photo)

Im looking to moderatly reduce the size of my upper arms and tighten the skin there. I exersize regularly and am at a good weight, but my thighs and... READ MORE

Any Risk Using Exilis Treatment with a Thyroid Condition?

Dear Doctors, I had benign nodules in my right lobe of my thyroid. I am going for a second treatment for neck/jaw line tightening with Exilis, if here... READ MORE

Protocol for Exilis Face?

I had an initial treatment of Exilis for skin tightening in the cheeks and jowls, brow and around the mouth. The technician administered the hand... READ MORE

Exilis or Solta Medical Dual Fraxel Laser--which is the Better Choice for COLLAGEN and TIGHTENING?

One office says go with Exilis b/c Fraxl is not good a choice for my tan skin & I will get better results & more collagen w/ Exilis. Another... READ MORE

Does Exilis Create Collagen?

HOW does Exilis work? Is the tightening as a result of collagen creation and with more collagen, skin tightens and thickens? READ MORE

Is Exilis Helpful in Reducing Lines Around the Perioral Region?

What is your overall opinion on this device for facial tightening? Thank you. READ MORE

Is Exilis a good choice for tightening skin on eyelids, lower lids?

Does Exilis remove fat pouches below the eyes and additionally tighten that area? READ MORE

Will Exilis tighten remaining line of loose skin under my chin after having had smart lipo on same area 7 weeks ago? (photo)

I followed up with my surgeon about the "line" of loose skin remaining under my chin after smartlipo 7 weeks ago. He recommended at least 2 sessions... READ MORE

Does skin tightening, non-invasive procedures work for the stomach? (photos)

I am 102lbs/5' 2" and after multiple pregnancies and a c section, I just have excess skin that I would like tightened. I have decided that I am not... READ MORE

Can Exilis skin tightening of the face be used in conjunction with protractional and micro laser resurfacing?

I am scheduled for a dual pro fractional and MCL peel, but am intrigued by the Exilis benefits as well. My primary facial concern is sun damage/acne... READ MORE

Will Exilis on face cause fat reduction that is not desired?

Will Exilis on face cause fat reduction that is not desired? I only want tightening, but no fat reduction. also can it be done following fillers on... READ MORE

From what I've seen & read Protege Elite rf appears to be very effective at tightening the jowl area. Why so little info here?

From what I've seen & read, the Protege` Elite rf appears to be highly effective at tightening the jowl area. But so far, it's been difficult to find... READ MORE

Can Exilis treatments also get rid of cellulite?

I'm thinking about getting exilis performed, I'm in good shape and blessed with an ample tush. But with my curves is cellulite creeping up, I'm... READ MORE

Will Exilis Elite effect Malar Festoons (atop cheeks) adversely?

I am 54 & am having my 2nd treatment of Exilis Elite for face & neck tightening. I also have Malar Festoons (not to be confused with 'under... READ MORE

Exilis. Will facial fat be affected?

I've had an exilis treatment for the face for skin tightening. I am due to have 3 more! My question is will facial fat be affected? I have very little... READ MORE

Exilis ruined my thighs. Is this reversible or are my legs damaged permanently? (Photo)

Exilis was supposed to tighten the skin of my thighs ONLY and it clearly burned fat. I asked the practioner several times because it got so hot if it... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical treatments such as exilis, vanquish, venus freeze that are safe if you have a lap band port?

I have a lap band port. Are there any non surgical treatments such as exilis, vanquish, venus freeze that can safely be used in the abdominal area for... READ MORE

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