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Can Exilis Fix Waves and Dimple Irrregularities from Liposuction?

I had liposuction eight years ago, and I have lived with small waves/lumps on the left outer thigh. Would Exilis be able to fix or improve this? How... READ MORE

Is There a Certain Weight That You Have to Be in Order to Do Exilis?

I am considerably overweight and need to lose about 65 pounds. Do I weigh too much in order get the elixis procedures for various areas of the body? READ MORE

Is Exilis Helpful in Reducing Lines Around the Perioral Region?

What is your overall opinion on this device for facial tightening? Thank you. READ MORE

Exilis and Prior Jaw Surgery Screws and Plates - is This a Problem/placement of Grounding Pad?

Hello, I had jaw surgery in 1992 and 2000 and assume they used titanium plates and screws. I went in for an exilis consultation to do facial... READ MORE

Why Cant You Have Exilis Treatments While Breastfeeding?

Since there are no drugs or invasive procedures with exilis, why do they not to do it if breastfeeding? READ MORE

Why is It Not Recommended to Use Exilis if You Have a Pacemaker?

Why is It Not Recommended to Use Exilis if You Have a Pacemaker? READ MORE

Can I Have Exilis with a Titauim Plate in my Wrist?

I have had smartlip on several parts of my body. I had smartlipo done on my arms and I'm so unhappy with the out come. I have loose skin now and I... READ MORE

Is 27 Too Soon for Exilis on Face for Skin Tightening?

I have healthy skin but I want to do exilis on my face--to tighten it some more. Is that too soon? Any downsides to doing exilis on younger skin.. READ MORE

Exilis treatment without fat loss. Is it actually possible?

I was told there is a "head" that reduces/fat and one that is just for skin tightening. Is this correct? Or does RF cause some fat loss no matter... READ MORE

I have lost 125 lbs, but not ready for surgery. I was wondering if Elixis Plus would be of benefit for my upper legs? (Photo)

I am still losing weight and exercise is a daily part of my lifestyle. I am looking for something that would make me feel better about my weight loss... READ MORE

Is Exilis Good for Removing my Heredity Based Double Chin?

I am 5-10 overweight, have had a double chin since birth! Would Exilis address this problem? READ MORE

Is There a Risk With Exilis If I Have A Mouth Full of Metal? Or a Chronic Cough with Swallowing Dysfunction?

Be worked on. I have a mouth full of metal, two gold bridges and many fillings. I wish to have my lower face, jowls and neck worked on will this be a... READ MORE

Is Exilis Safe for Someone Who Had Cancer 2 Years Ago?

I had breast cancer 3 years ago and a kidney removed 2 years ago-both with no lymph node involvement. Is Exilis safe for me? READ MORE

A Few Years Post-Op Gynecomastia I Feel There is Still Some Excess Tissue, Would Exilis or CoolSculpting Assist?

Age 45, 6' tall, 175 lbs. very low body fat. Gynecomastia came from medications. Still on medications but none this side effect. Some days the... READ MORE

Exilis on Legs: Nerve Damage in That Area - Would This be a Problem?

I have nerve damage in the area in I am interested in having treated.would this be a problem since the procedure uses heat? READ MORE

Is Exilis for skin tightening safe for the heart?

I have the heart condition Left Bundle Branch Block and recently recovered from post-partum cardio myopathy which I am under a cardiologist for and... READ MORE

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