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Exilis Treatment-What Are the Risks? Is It a Laser?

I am interested in tightening up some wrinkles under my eyes and also removing some cellulite. Is the Exilis a Laser treatment? All I can find is that... READ MORE

Which is More Effective, Exilis or the New Thermage?

I have read a lot of doctor's opinions here on Ulthera being better than Thermage, but what about Exilis vs Thermage for tightening of the face (not... READ MORE

How Do Exilis Treatments Actually Help Reduce the Fat?

Exploring Exilis for skin tightening & fat reduction, and am trying to fully understand how it works. What actually happens to the fat cells... READ MORE

How Much Does Exilis Cost for Face, Neck, or Both at the Same Time?

How much does exilis cost for face, neck, or both at the same time? Also, if i have it done, and return to work, will people be able to notice... READ MORE

How Long Do Exilis Treatments Last?

How long will a round (4) of Exilis treatments last when done on your full face? READ MORE

Exilis Vs Liposuction

The today show had kathy lee getting fat removed without lipo surgery. she tried a treatment called "exilis".  Does it work as well as lipo for... READ MORE

Is Exilis Effective in Tightening/contouring Upper Arms? (photo)

Im looking to moderatly reduce the size of my upper arms and tighten the skin there. I exersize regularly and am at a good weight, but my thighs and... READ MORE

Exilis - Safe for the Cheeks?

From my understanding, Exilis does both fat reduction and skin tightening. I'm only interested in the skin tightening aspect of Exilis. In fact,... READ MORE

Any Risk Using Exilis Treatment with a Thyroid Condition?

Dear Doctors, I had benign nodules in my right lobe of my thyroid. I am going for a second treatment for neck/jaw line tightening with Exilis, if here... READ MORE

Exilis is So Similar to Xerona. Which is Better for Fat Reduction in the Abdomen?

Exilis is so similar to Xerona. Which is better for fat reduction in the abdomen? I think that Xerona is better for fat reduction all over the body. I... READ MORE

How Long Does Exilis Last

Skin tightening on the face READ MORE

What is Exilis? What Does It Treat?

What  is Exilis and what areas of the body does it treat? Is it a good alternative to liposuction? READ MORE

Exilis Ultra vs Exilis Elite. What is the difference?

What is the difference between Exilis Ultra and Exilis Elite? Is one more effective than the another one? Or there is an equivalence in terms of... READ MORE

Accent Vs Exilis?

What is the most effective treatment for cellulite/skin tightening/non-surgical fat reduction. I understand that both Accent and Exilis claim to... READ MORE

Exilis & Ultherapy New Generation Confusion?

I'm confused about what Exilis is used for. My concern is nasolabial folds, marionette lines, some fat under chin, and lowering eyebrows. Does Exilis... READ MORE

Can Exilis Be Used to Get Rid of the Facial Fat and Also the Body? How Effective is It?

I am looking for a non invasive procedure that is effective in reducing fat on my jawline and my abdominal area (flanks, upper and lower abd. areas).... READ MORE

Exilis: Is There a Risk of the RF Remaining in Your Body After Treatment?

Would the RF stay in your body after treatment somehow and be a risk to yourself in someway or to others if for example you hold a newborn baby after... READ MORE

What is More Effective, Exilis or Coolsculpt for Outer Thigh Fat?

What is more effective for excess fat on the outer thighs, Exilis or Coolsculpt? READ MORE

Exilis Vs Cavitation RF Slimming Machines for Fat Loss, Skin Tightening. Recommendations?

Re: exilis. I am currently receiving exilis treatments. My question is, I have seen portable machines for sale in foreign countries called Cavitation... READ MORE

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