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How Long Do Exilis Results Last?

After 4 treatments on my inner thigh, I'm seeing great results which I understand will be more visible in about 3 months, but is there any... READ MORE

No Results from Exilis Therapy?

Good Morning, I am looking for some advice. I had Exilis Therapy to my inner thighs and to my stomach. Five session to each area at a cost of $3,200... READ MORE

Indentation in Jawline After 2 Painful Exilis Treatments. Will It Go Away?

Had only 2 treatments on my jawline. It was so painful I stopped and now I have an indentation 6 weeks later. READ MORE

Protocol for Exilis Face?

I had an initial treatment of Exilis for skin tightening in the cheeks and jowls, brow and around the mouth. The technician administered the hand... READ MORE

Should I Have Edema and Tenderness from 1st Exilis Treatment on Jawline and Abdomen?

It has been 3 days. The treatment was barely tolerable. Is there something I can do to decrease the fluid. My jawline looks worse and my abdomen is... READ MORE

Can Exilis Cause Severe Dizziness?

I have had several Exilis treatment on my neck and lower face/jaw area. I have also been having some serious dizziness, which I correlated to seasonal... READ MORE

Exilis--what is the Lowest Setting in Numbers for This to Still Be Effective (For Face and Body)?

What is the lowest setting (numbers) the tech can use for my exilis treatment on my arms for fat reduction/tightening and still be effective? On my... READ MORE

Exilis--my Treatments Are Scheduled One Month Apart. Is This Too Far Apart?

My next appointment is one month from my first one...however I am reading from the doctors here that most are scheduling these treatments 7-14 days... READ MORE

When Doing the Exilis Therapy, Is it Normale to use Baby Oil as a Conductor?

When doing the Exilis treatment under my chin the doctor used baby oil as a conductor and it really got hot. Would it work better if an ultrasound... READ MORE

Exilis--weekly Treatments or Monthly for Effectiveness?

I had my first exilis treatment on upper arms and face. Both very painful. Very. However, I the pain ended by the next day and I see no harmful... READ MORE

Why Do They Only Use a 20% Cooling with Me Instead of a 10% Cooling?

1. I am using Exilis for a small bit of contouring, and the clinic I use for Exilis says that since I have less fat, put the Exilis setting to 20%... READ MORE

Can the Exilis make a demarcation on your skin from where it was performed on the face?

Can the exilis make a demarcation on your skin from where it was performed on the face? I had it done on my lower jaw line, 2" above the jaw and 2"... READ MORE

I'm having a lot of stomach pain and burning after Exilis. Will it subside?

I'm not fat. 162 cms and weigh 119 pounds. I just have a small belly and lots of lose skin. I just did my first sitting for exilis on abdomen. It's... READ MORE

Exilis Treatments During Pregnancy. Is It Harmful to Baby?

I just found out today that I am 5-6 weeks pregnant. I just finished 4 treatments of Exilis to the abdomen. I would have been 2 weeks pregnant when I... READ MORE

Exilis After 1 Day, Swelling and Lump in Abdomen?

I had exilis done 1 day ago. I now have swelling and a lump in my abdomen, below my belly button and it is tender to the touch. What should I do? READ MORE

How soon can I have my next treatment of Exilis Non-Invasive System? (PROTEGE ELITE)

I would like to know what would be the closest timeframe between appointments when treated by the Exilis, Protege Elite on the face and on the body?... READ MORE

I One Treatment of Exilis and It Burned Only One Spot. Why ?

I Had Exiles One Treatment It Burned Only One Spot Why ? READ MORE

Exilis ruined my thighs. Is this reversible or are my legs damaged permanently? (Photo)

Exilis was supposed to tighten the skin of my thighs ONLY and it clearly burned fat. I asked the practioner several times because it got so hot if it... READ MORE

Exilis Neck Treatment and Have a Lump Under My Chin?

I had a neck treatment at the Aesthetics Show 2013 in Las Vegas by a clinician representing the Exilis product. It has been over a week after the... READ MORE

Just Had my First Exilis Under Arms and on Face. Face Was Painful, but Tolerable?

However the arms were UNBEARABLE. I am worried b/c I have a HIGH threshold for pain and have minded bruising or even blisters, so long as temporary. I... READ MORE

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