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When Will Lumps from Evolence Go Away?

Last week, I had the Evolence filler used on the deep furrows between my eyes. Half of the area has a lump that feels firm, and I also had a bit of... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Lumps from Evolence

I have lumps from Evolence treatment 1 week ago.  Will the lumps subside? Is there anything I can do to make them disappear faster? I am... READ MORE

Should Patients Be Warned of Evolence Side Effects?

Should patients be told there is a risk of hard white lumps under the skin when Evolence is administered? I don’t think people would take the risk, b... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Lumps on my Mouth Due to Evolence?

I have lumps around my mouth from Evolence injections. It's been a month, and I'm out of patience. What can be done to get rid of them? READ MORE

Surgical Removal of Evolence Lumps?

Is there any hope of removing lumps caused by Evolence? The two lumps are under my right eye for 18 months now. If it was removed surgically, does it... READ MORE

Legal Recourse for Evolence Side Effects?

Is there any legal recourse for someone who had Evolence administered, but had no prior warning of the possible side effects of lumps and bumps in the... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Lumps on Lips from Evolence?

Evolence injected into the lines above my lips, not only do I have lumps but you can see the color of the product. Is there anything that can be done... READ MORE

How to Approach Doctor About Techniques for Evolence?

How do you question your doctor about possible techniques not used when giving Evolence? I have lumps, doesn't really look like I've had a filler... READ MORE

Lumps Under Eyes from Evolence, Do these Need to be Surgically Removed? Other Options? (photo)

I went to see a cosmetic surgeon about 3 to 4 years ago to get Botox. He suggested that I get Evolence injections under my eyes. My right eye has... READ MORE

When Will Evolence Finally Degrade/dissolve?

I got Evolence injections 16 months ago, in the wrinkles at the sides of my mouth and also directly under my lower lip in both corners. I was unhappy... READ MORE

I Had Evolence Injected in the Lips Two Years Ago and I Still Have Lumpiness.

I still have lumpiness. Does this stuff ever degrade? I read that there is no way to dissolve the lumps but recently read monthly cortisone injections... READ MORE

Swelling/Redness Every 10 Days from Evolence in Lower Orbital, Near Nose. Normal?

To fill a dent, I had Evolence injections on the lower orbital of the right eye, near the nose, 3 years ago (2009). My surgeon recommended the new... READ MORE

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