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How Can The Side Effects From eMatrix be Minimized?

Are there usually side effects with eMatrix procedures for deep wrinkles in the corners of the mouth? READ MORE

Does EMatrix Sublitive Work for Eye Wrinkles and Loose Eyelid Skin?

I have some fine wrinkles under my eyes and the eyelid itself is a little loose. I had a consultation and the nurse recommended eMatrix sublitive... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Sciton Laser and E-Matrix? Which is Better?

I'm looking to improve the texture of my skin. I want to reduce pore size, get rid of a few ice pick acne scars on my nose, remove sun spots and minor... READ MORE

What Kind of Scars on the Face Will eMatrix Help?

How does eMatrix work on face scars as compared to other skin resurfacing and smoothing procedures? How effective and deep is it as compared to other... READ MORE

Appears that RF Sublative has damaged my skin and made my wrinkles and skin texture worse. What can I do? (Photo)

I had 3 tx with the Syneron RF Sublative; 1/month in Dec to Feb. I am extremely concerned as the wrinkles around my eyes and over all skin texture is... READ MORE

What Stimulates More Collagen Growth, Thermafrax or Refirme + EMatrix?

I have a fair pink skin tone with acne scarring on my chin and a little on my cheeks, large pores and thin skin underneath my eyes. Over the last 2... READ MORE

How Would You Compare Rejuvenation Results of EMatrix to the Result of Portrait?

I had Portrait resurfacing about 5 years ago, had good results but was extremely painful with a long down time. As far as result, how do you think the... READ MORE

Is the eMatrix for under eye wrinkles an option?

Is the Ematrix a good option for under eye wrinkles? Don't want the downtime of, for example, the Co2 laser and don't mind having multiple treatments.... READ MORE

Downtime for eMatrix undereye wrinkles?

How much downtime can I expect from an Ematrix treatment for mild wrinkles under my eyes? READ MORE

Ematrix or pexil laser?

I am 32 years old blond women and have some small wrinkles around the mouth with some fat loose in the same area , and i am interested with fuller and... READ MORE

Is eMatrix appropriate for my skin type? Could it make skin worse? (photos)

Female, 44 years old, sensitive, very pale skin tending towards redness and blotchiness (no rosacea, per dermatologist consult - just very sensitive).... READ MORE

Scar: What is the best treatment for my case? eMatrix or fractional co2

I have a surgical scar on my side back, it is not raised but the tissue is very soft and becomes wrinkly when i move my back because of how soft it is... READ MORE

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