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How Does EMatrix Compare to Fraxel Laser?

I heard that Fraxel Laser is permanent but it won't stop the signs of aging. I know that. Is eMatrix also permanent like Fraxel?? READ MORE

Most Long Lasting Effects, eMatrix or Fraxel?

For a fuller more youthful face, would Thermage and Fraxel be the best option? http://www.getbodylase... READ MORE

Skin Thinner With Scarring After Matrix Rf (Radio Frequency). How To Regain Volume?

Hey! I've done four treatment with Matrix RF (radio frequency). Now it has been four months since the last treatment and I have noticed that my... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment for Asian skin? (Photo)

I have quite lots of acne scar on my face and I am going to do The first E Matrix this month. Dermatologist said I could do it once a week. Is it ok... READ MORE

I had my first matrix treatment 6 weeks ago and have track marks on my face. Will they go away? (Photo)

Also my skin overall seems to still have a light indent of the track marks all over. what can i do to get rid of it. My face looks horrible with make... READ MORE

I have shallow acne scarring and Indian skin. I think that I have ice pick scars. What procedure would be best for my skin?

The therapist suggested last week that I do 3 Ematrix laser procedures and told me that it will reduce my acne scarring by 80%...Is this true? I... READ MORE

Had Ematrix friday and have to go work tomorrow but my face still red patch, super textured, red brown dots in relief :/(photos)

Even with the best foundation and concealer and powder I can't give my skin a decent look....What to do??I'm working on the fashion industry I have to... READ MORE

Faint grid marks 2 weeks after eMatrix. Look like tiny holes. Does this go away? (Photo)

I got my first eMatrix session two weeks ago. Tiny scabs from grid marks fell off a week after, but now I am left with faint grid marks on my cheeks.... READ MORE

I was wondering whether eMatrix or fillers would be an option for my scar? (Photo)

I had flat mole removal surgery 1 year ago, and have been left with a linear scar on my cheek. Although it has improved in texture and flattened... READ MORE

Sublime and Sublimage (ematrix) on tattooed skin ?

If not what alternatives are there and what would happen if I was to have treatment on a tattood area ? Can sublime and sublimage (ematrix) be... READ MORE

Can eMatrix work on scars that are a few years old?

I am very fair skinned, with a few shallow acne scars, scarred pores, and a few ice pick scars. My main concern are the shallow depressed scars, but I... READ MORE

Options to reduce these pores more? (Photo)

I had EMATRIX 2 weeks ago, on a very mild setting. Unfortunately my pores did not respond very much if at all. At first I thought they did, but I now... READ MORE

Ematrix combined with TCA peels for acne scars and sun damage advisable? How long should I wait after a peel to get the eMatrix?

I am a 24 year old female with fair, sensitive skin prone to keloid scaring. I have mild to moderate acne scars as well as sun damage all throughout... READ MORE

Orange peel texture after Ematrix (Photo)

I had Ematrix 2 months ago. My skin is still very sensitive, dry and holding some residual heat. I have also developed orange peel texture and... READ MORE

Dark spots after EMATRIX Sublative Rejuvenation treatment?

I've tried to treat stretch marks on my buttocks with EMatrix sublative rejuvenation treatment . However, 6 months after the last session, there is... READ MORE

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