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Ice Pick Acne Scars - EMatrix Vs Profractional Laser?

Hi have ice pick acne scars in both of my cheeks. I visited two Laser clinics and both referred me to different treatments. One recommended... READ MORE

Fraxel Re:Pair or EMatrix Sublative Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

Which method should I pursue for my acne scars treatement? My current Dr. uses eMatrix sublative resurfacing but was wondering if the the Fraxel... READ MORE

Which is best for for collagen increase on the face, Ematrix, Genesis Laser or PicoSure?

I try to find a right procedure to increase collagen to improve my fine lines on my face. I got three recommendations from different clinics. They are... READ MORE

Are 'Matrix RF' and 'E-Matrix' the Same Thing?

I see many mentions of Matrix RF on this site. I came here looking for information on e-Matrix, however I don't see very much information. Are these... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment for Asian skin? (Photo)

I have quite lots of acne scar on my face and I am going to do The first E Matrix this month. Dermatologist said I could do it once a week. Is it ok... READ MORE

For the best result of the treatment of deep scars (moderate to severe), what is the best duration of the E-matrix treatment?

I am 28. I have got many acne scars on my both cheeks for many years (picked and box) I decided to do it 3 time-course. Q: For the best result of the... READ MORE

How Would You Compare Rejuvenation Results of EMatrix to the Result of Portrait?

I had Portrait resurfacing about 5 years ago, had good results but was extremely painful with a long down time. As far as result, how do you think the... READ MORE

Best treatment for a vertical surgical scar on cheek?

Im a Black female (very light complexion) is Dermapen or Ematrix better for me? I have a surgery scar on my cheek. I was told Fraxel would cause hyper... READ MORE

Tummy tuck scar treatments EMatrix or silicone sheets? (photos)

So it's been a year exactly from my surgery and I'm finally back from a recent deployment so now I can't treat it and I was wondering has anyone ever... READ MORE

For ethnic skin (Indian origin, Male) - which resurfacing is better? EMatrix or Fraxel?

I am trying to understand which type of skin resurfacing is better for ethnic male? with brown skin? I read that EMatrix is good for brown/darker skin... READ MORE

Ematrix or pexil laser?

I am 32 years old blond women and have some small wrinkles around the mouth with some fat loose in the same area , and i am interested with fuller and... READ MORE

I was wondering whether eMatrix or fillers would be an option for my scar? (Photo)

I had flat mole removal surgery 1 year ago, and have been left with a linear scar on my cheek. Although it has improved in texture and flattened... READ MORE

Difference between eMatrix, Matrix RF and Matrix IR? Widespread syringomas underneath eyes that I'm interested in treating.

I have done electrodessication once but it never minimized or decreased the lesions for me. I saw on Youtube a girl who documented her removal of... READ MORE

eMatrix RF or Fraxel for post surgical scar on cheek improvement? (photos)

Greetings! I would be very grateful if someone advised me on this particular subject. I have been to 2 derms, one is offering me an eMatrix RF... READ MORE

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