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Ice Pick Acne Scars - EMatrix Vs Profractional Laser?

Hi have ice pick acne scars in both of my cheeks. I visited two Laser clinics and both referred me to different treatments. One recommended... READ MORE

Ematrix for Current (Hormonal) Acne Outbreaks

I am considering ematrix for my acne. At 33 & never having had acne in my life, I suddenly 4 months ago started breaking out w/cysts & they... READ MORE

Minimal Results After Fraxel and Matrix Treatments on Acne Scars

I’m south Asian with a medium complex in my 30’s. I have acne scars and marks on my cheeks. I started fraxel laser several months ago and... READ MORE

I'm Asian. Can I have Ematrix at level C setting?

Hi, I'm Asian. I have acne scar on my cheeks. So far I had 3 treatment of Ematrix starting from level A to B. My last treatment was setting at B 44. I... READ MORE

Do you think my acne will disappear after two treatments of eMatrix without using any products?

I have combination skin and acne on the forehead and cheeks which is called acne vulgaris. My doctor gave me a lot of MEDICINES and I experienced... READ MORE

Does Ematrix really work?

I just finish a 6 months course of accutane really went well no more breakouts but I do have acne scars from past acne not deep scars but sort of red... READ MORE

Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars? Are there any other treatments that I should consider? (Photo)

I have severe acne scarring on both cheeks. Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars any? Are there any other treatments that I... READ MORE

I had ematrix done June 27th, and now I have severe breakouts/cold sores. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have clusters of what i would call under the surface acne. Sometimes I get full pimples but it's along my chin and cheeks and around my mouth. I've... READ MORE

Best treatment for a vertical surgical scar on cheek?

Im a Black female (very light complexion) is Dermapen or Ematrix better for me? I have a surgery scar on my cheek. I was told Fraxel would cause hyper... READ MORE

Can I have tca cross/ chamical peel done a week after Ematrix?

I am a 24 years old, female, and have asian skin. I have all sorts of scars (icepicks, rolling and boxscar) on my cheeks and forehead. Last week... READ MORE

Blister and now brown spot after eMatrix/ two. (Photo)

I got ematrix treatment done 2 weeks ago. After ematrix dr used a device to stimulate collagen. So basically an two treatment. She went a little... READ MORE

I would like to have eMatrix done on my cheeks and forehead. With a titanium plate in my lower neck, is it safe?

Hello, I would like to have ematrix done on my cheeks and forehead. I had a cervical fusion C5-C7. With the titanium plate in my lower neck is it safe... READ MORE

eMatrix RF or Fraxel for post surgical scar on cheek improvement? (photos)

Greetings! I would be very grateful if someone advised me on this particular subject. I have been to 2 derms, one is offering me an eMatrix RF... READ MORE

Where can I get the Ematrix done in my area? (Coral springs). I don't think the place I'm going to now is doing a good job.

At the place I'm getting my Ematrix procedure done, my esthetician goes in random patterns around my cheek instead of doing a uniform pattern across... READ MORE

Is it safe to start fractional lasers / eMatrix RF on a wound a week after scar revision surgery? If not how long should I wait?

I've decided to have a revision surgery done on my cheek scars (left after nevus excision).This has been suggested by a plastic surgeon I went to.... READ MORE

Is eMatrix appropriate for my skin type? Could it make skin worse? (photos)

Female, 44 years old, sensitive, very pale skin tending towards redness and blotchiness (no rosacea, per dermatologist consult - just very sensitive).... READ MORE

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