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EMatrix for Acne Scars?

Have heard a radioactive device call eMatrix some derm are using for acne scars on African Americans? If so, do you have this device? READ MORE

Fraxel Re:Pair or EMatrix Sublative Resurfacing for Acne Scars?

Which method should I pursue for my acne scars treatement? My current Dr. uses eMatrix sublative resurfacing but was wondering if the the Fraxel... READ MORE

eMatrix for Acne Scarring

Hi, Has anyone had Ematrix for acne scarring done? Please will someone give their results good or bad and the type of scarring you had/have. And, how... READ MORE

What is the Number of eMatrix Sessions Required for Deep Acne Scars?

How many eMatrix sessions are required to achieve clear looking skin that is free from deep acne marks and scars? Is the procedure same as... READ MORE

Does Ematrix Help Reduce Acne Scar and Tighten the Pores?

Hi I am 33yrs with olive skine. I have acne scars and open pores.I would like to know if ematrix help fade my acne scar and tighten the pores. Will it... READ MORE

EMatrix IR or RE for Acne Scars and Discoloration of Skin (Med Dark Skin)

My heritage is of Middle Eastern, and I have tons of acne scars with occasional flare ups still in my mid 30's. For most part my skin is now doing... READ MORE

Is E2 Ematrix good for acne scarring?

Or are there any other suggestion? I don't want to do laser because it will damage the skin like thinning it READ MORE

Minimal Results After Fraxel and Matrix Treatments on Acne Scars

I’m south Asian with a medium complex in my 30’s. I have acne scars and marks on my cheeks. I started fraxel laser several months ago and... READ MORE

How Come I Have Two eMatrix Treatments So Far but the Acne Scars Still Look Visible?

I mean at first after the treatment the first few days it look like it was working but after that its seem like the scars still visible. The only... READ MORE


I got my first ematrix done a week back .so far everythin is alright. i am indian , f, 25 yrs . i would like to know if this treatment will treat... READ MORE

I'm Asian. Can I have Ematrix at level C setting?

Hi, I'm Asian. I have acne scar on my cheeks. So far I had 3 treatment of Ematrix starting from level A to B. My last treatment was setting at B 44. I... READ MORE

Are Yearly eMatrix Procedures Required to Keep Acne Scarring at Bay?

Once eMatrix sessions are completed for acne scar reduction, are more treatments required? Is it pretty typical to have 4-5 sessions to remove these... READ MORE

Acne scar treatment for Asian skin? (Photo)

I have quite lots of acne scar on my face and I am going to do The first E Matrix this month. Dermatologist said I could do it once a week. Is it ok... READ MORE

For the best result of the treatment of deep scars (moderate to severe), what is the best duration of the E-matrix treatment?

I am 28. I have got many acne scars on my both cheeks for many years (picked and box) I decided to do it 3 time-course. Q: For the best result of the... READ MORE

Does Ematrix really work?

I just finish a 6 months course of accutane really went well no more breakouts but I do have acne scars from past acne not deep scars but sort of red... READ MORE

Ematrix for Severe Acne Scars. However Caused my Left Facial Side to Be Tighter and Fuller Than my Right?

Hello doctors, I have had 5 Ematrix sessions spaced monthly apart. The first 2 times were on setting B whereas the last three were on setting C. Since... READ MORE

I have shallow acne scarring and Indian skin. I think that I have ice pick scars. What procedure would be best for my skin?

The therapist suggested last week that I do 3 Ematrix laser procedures and told me that it will reduce my acne scarring by 80%...Is this true? I... READ MORE

Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars? Are there any other treatments that I should consider? (Photo)

I have severe acne scarring on both cheeks. Can E-Matrix treatments improve the appearance of these scars any? Are there any other treatments that I... READ MORE

Could anyone tell me about th ematrix RF settings?

I've just done my first ematrix RF treatment yesterday on the 64 pin tip at 70mj for my acne scars. I've heard about the diff rent A,B,C levels and I... READ MORE

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