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Does Anyone Still Get Electrolysis for Hair Removal?

Is electrolysis an outdated technique for hair removing? READ MORE

Permanent Treatment Options for Pitting Caused by Electrolysis?

I had an electrolysis 7 months ago, and I'm left with pitting after treatment. Now my skin is back to normal color, but it is still pitted. I don't... READ MORE

Which is Better to Restore Eyebrows After Electrolysis: Latisse or Rogaine?

An electrologist removed a large part of my brows without my permission. It's been 10 months since then and I've had sparse regrowth and... READ MORE

Electrolysis on Facial Hair and Facial Plastic Surgery

Hi, I am considering getting electrolysis/laser done on the nose for unwanted hairs. I am also due to have Rhinoplasty in 3 months. Is it ok to do... READ MORE

Does Age Matter with Electrolysis? I Am 17

Does Age Matter with Electrolysis? I Am 17 READ MORE

Laser Electrolysis - Is It Safe?

Is laser and electrolysis hair removal safe? are both procedures safe for someone who has had cancer and is on thyroid tablets, calcium and vitamin d... READ MORE

How to get rid of strawberry legs!?!?!? (photos)

I have a serious case of strawberry legs. After doing research I have come to find out that electrolysis is the only way to remove them. Wanted to... READ MORE

Average Full Body Electrolysis Cost?

What is the average cost of electrolysis done to the whole body (legs, thighs, underarms, back, panty line, and facial hair)? READ MORE

Electrolysis on the Pubic Area?

About how long would Electrolysis take on small area of pubic region? Specifically, inner thigh, buttock area with coarse hair but mostly blond/red.... READ MORE

Electrolysis for Blonde Peach Fuzz on Sideburns and Chin?

I'm wondering if Electrolysis will work for my blonde "peach fuzz" on the sides of my face & chin area. From what I read, lasers... READ MORE

Cost for Full-body Electrolysis?

Average full body electrolysis cost? READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change my Hairline Using Electrolysis?

I heard some people change their hairline by laser,are there any other ways on changing the hairline that are permernent? i just want a more round... READ MORE

How Long Would It Take to Get Electrolysis Done All over the Body

When i said all over the body i literally ment it, so the stomach,back,chest,butt,legs,face...everything, how long would it take and how much would it... READ MORE

Can One Simply Raise a Hairline by Removing Hair with Electrolysis?

What other techniques are available? I'm looking for a specialist (preferably in New York) who can perform the procedure. Please let me know who I... READ MORE

What is the best option: electrolysis or laser on penis shaft hair?

I'm looking to get hair removed from my penis shaft it goes all the way up to the circumcision scar ...What is the best option electrolysis or laser... READ MORE

Can I Have Electrolysis and IPL Treatments at the Same Time, Alternating Between the Two?

I am thinking of having IPL and electrolysis at the same time. The IPL to deal with the dark hairs on chin and lip and sideburn area and elecrolysis... READ MORE

Electrolysis for permanent hair removal whilst taking Methotrexate for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I was diagnosed with RA last year & have been taking Methotrexate for 8 months now. I have very thick hair on my chin/upper lip which I normally... READ MORE

How does a female get rid of a permanent five o'clock shadow?

I am an Indian female. Fitzpatrick type 4-5. I have a permanent five o'clock shadow. I have used EVERYTHING to remove my upper lip hair: tweezing,... READ MORE

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