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Can Electrolysis Get Rid of Hair Left by Laser Hair Removal?

I had around 8 laser hair removal treatments done and there are patches of hair on my jawline, chin, upper lip and neck area. I stopped laser as I... READ MORE

Laser to Fix Electrolysis Damage

I've had 4 Erbium Micro laser peels to address scarring and very "pebbly" skin on my chin, the result of electrolysis. While the laser has... READ MORE

Will Nose Scars After Electrolysis Improve?

I am left with scars around my nose after red vein electrolysis treatment three weeks ago. One scar is quite deep and sunken, and is painful to touch.... READ MORE

Electrolysis with Lidocaine Resulted in Swelling

The electrologist I go to is connected to a dentist thing asked if I could get my upper lip numbed. My mother is a physician and gave me the 5% cream... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Distortion, Retraction/sagging - from Eyelash Electrolysis & Punctal Cautery?

Suffer from chronic dry eyes for last 5 years and diagnosis includes - lagophthalmos, exposure keratitis , incomplete blinking & eyelid retraction... READ MORE

Can Electrolysis Cause Permanent Wrinkles?

I had an electrolysis treatment on my upper lip area, last April which caused deep scabbing. The scabbing was followed by red dots, and by the end of... READ MORE

Will These Dark Spots, Left from Electrolysis, Go Away?

I had electrolysis done 2 weeks ago and i was left with some dark spots on my upper lip and and what looks like i have a mustache. My electrologist... READ MORE

Swelling and Red Bumps/ Blisters After Electrolysis. Is This a Normal Side Effect?

My electrologist claims to be a licensed electrologist and practicing for 10 years, but I'm concerned about the side effects as they seem much... READ MORE

Can Electrolysis Cause Wrinkles?

After years of successful Electrolysis I went to an electrolysist who left me with deep scabs, on my upper lip area, that lasted about a month. The... READ MORE

Electrolysis Causing Metallic Taste in my Mouth?

I have been undergoing electrolysis treatment for a couple of months on my cheek area and have not had any side effects from it until recently.... READ MORE

Electrolysis: Breakout After Treatment, Is This Normal? (Photo)

I followed after care, did not touch my chin and applied Neosporin last night with very clean hands. Today it looks like Im having a breakout on my... READ MORE

Can a Loss of Pigmentation After Electrolysis Be Restored?

I have been having electrolysis on the area above my lip for a number of years however in recent months there has been a loss of pigmentation. This... READ MORE

I Had Electrolysis 2 Weeks Ago and It Looks Like I Was Left with Hyperpigmentation, Is this Normal?

Hi.....My question is that i have been going for electrolysis the first 2 sessions were ok but what i notice with the first electrologist is that she... READ MORE

Can I pop pustules after electrolysis?

After I get electrolysis on the facial area I sometimes develop little pustules/white heads. They are not sore like pimples simple just a little white... READ MORE

Brownish Spots on Face After Electrolysis?

I underwent electrolysis treatment for facial hair 1.5 weeks ago. My olive skin is prone to pigmentation. Since the treatment there are brownish... READ MORE


I had a few sessions of electrolysis done on my upper lip but was left with a few open holes that look like stretched pores that are slightly indented... READ MORE

What Are the Dangers of Intermittent Sun Exposure After Electrolysis?

I have an olive complexion and I'm concerned about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation because I have dots and spots visible on my skin after... READ MORE

Question About Electrolysis/thermolysis?

I am an Asian male of 36 years.I have hairs on my cheek that I have been shaving from last 16 years.One day I decided to undergo electrolysis to... READ MORE

I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation after electrolysis. Will this fade in time?

Hi there, three weeks ago I had electrolysis done on my upper lips. After some swelling, I had some pustules and I noticed some darker red patches. I... READ MORE

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