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Worried About Excessive Scarring / Bruising from Otoplasty, Is It Normal? (photo)

I had Otoplasty done 8 days ago and am very worried about the appearance of my ears. I took the bandages off two days ago and they havent changed... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned

I have had an otoplasty done 6 days ago. last night i was sitting and i felt somthing wet trickling down my neck and i went to go look in the mirror... READ MORE

After otoplasty, my ears are still really numb. Should I be worried? (Photo)

It's been a week since my otoplasty surgery and I got my bandages removed 2 days ago, yet my ears are still really numb. Whenever I touch them it's... READ MORE

Worries 11 years after Otoplasty. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had an Otoplasty 11 years ago on one of my ears (the other has always been fine). Ocassionally it gets painful and I cant lie on it. Just in general... READ MORE

Should I be worried inside ear is swollen? (photo)

I'm 8 days post op otoplasty ear (pinning) I'm so worried as inside of my ear as u can c from picture Is quite swollen is this normal any info/advise... READ MORE

Would revision surgery on my ears be necessary, or even worth it? (photos)

I've had lop/cup ears all my life, and finally had an otoplasty about three years ago. At first, I was really happy with them, but over time I feel... READ MORE

Post op conchal bowl/antihelix region persistently in pain after otoplasty. Should I be worried?

I'm 5 days into postop, and I have a dressing over my ears at the moment that will stay on for the next 2 days. However, there is a sharp stinging... READ MORE

Bleeding behind the ear after otoplasty?

Hi i had an otoplasty on my left ear almost 4 weeks ago.My ear is pretty close to my head but it has already moved forward and my doctor told me that... READ MORE

Otoplasty result?

I had an otoplasty on my left ear 3 weeks ago because it used to stick ot more than my right one.After the surgery my left ear was way to close to my... READ MORE

I got an otoplasty yesterday and I'm very worried. Is this normal? (photo)

I just looked at the mirror and seems there's no space between my tragus and the antihelix (it sounds silly but how am I gonna use my earphones!). No... READ MORE

infection after otoplasty? 19 days post-op. (photos)

In the right ear I saw some blood in the direction of the scar , should I be worried? READ MORE

I had a pierced cartilage (upper left ear) and last night it ripped out, backwards. (photo)

I can't tell if it's cartilage sticking out the back of my ear or not. Should I be worried? READ MORE

Otoplasty results?

Hi.I had an otoplasty 8/9 days ago.Please not that i had surgery only on my left ear as the other one is fine.However my left ear seems to be to close... READ MORE

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