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Why Does my Medpor Ear Become Exposed? (photo)

I had medpor ear reconstruction done nearly two years ago and during this time, parts of my ear have become exposed. At the end of last year I... READ MORE

Anterior and posterior incision otoplasty?

I have been informed by one plastic surgeon that it is necessary to make an anterior incision to reduce the conchal bowl and a posterior incision to... READ MORE

Revision otoplasty: will excision of excess skin in conchal bowl leave visible scar?

I had otoplasty procedure done 6 months ago. The surgeon used the cartilage removal technique. I ended up with telephone ears that have thick skin... READ MORE

Is my otoplasty scar healing normally? (photo)

Hi, Ive done otoplasty 2 months ago and I feel like my scars are very visible. I just wanted to be sure that thats normal scarring and that itll fade... READ MORE

Is it possible to have macrotia surgery without visible scars? (Photo)

ı have gone to several doctors for macrotia surgery but ı always got the answer that they had never done this surgery before because there will be v... READ MORE

Did my surgeon pull my ears back enough? They aren't as close to the head as other otoplasty results. (Photo)

Hi, I told my surgeon to pull back the ears the most possible close to the head but that it still looks natural. When I first saw the ears,my surgeon... READ MORE

Infected suture from otoplasty using stitch method. Should I get this reviewed to avoid further infections.

I had otoplasty using the stitch method 4 months ago. One of my permanent sutures is visible and has been drawing a little bit of blood? It is a... READ MORE

Where should an otoplasty scar be located and is it normal that its seen from behind? (photo)

I have done otoplasty 5 months ago and I wanted a natural result. The problem is that my ear is closer to my head but not completely flat against my... READ MORE

Why am I getting recurring infections after 1 year post stitch method otoplasty?

I got the stitch method done a year ago. Since then I have had 2 infections. The first one was due to a visible suture, and the second one seems to be... READ MORE

Possible to build ears out so they're more visible from the front without turning them out like a monkey?

My ears are barely visible from the front and aren't at an ideal outward angle in proportion with my face.It's ALWAYS made me insecure and feel it... READ MORE

I'm a bit worried about my left ear and the angle behind my ear. Is this normal?

This is an update of my first question. I'm a bit worried about my left ear and the angle behind my ear. It is not that noticeable when you look at me... READ MORE

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