Trauma + Ear Surgery

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What's the best treatment for ear trauma?

Hello, around 8 months ago I sustained ear trauma in which I had a small hematoma. I noticed that during the healing process and portion of my anti... READ MORE

Trauma after otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty on one of my ears 15 days ago.Today someone accidentally threw a small bottle of water and it hit on my ear.Note that i was wearing... READ MORE

Can fractured cartilage on the inferior crus of the antihelix be repaired or sutured back together? (Photo)

I had some trauma on my ear which caused a fracture to my cartilage on the inferior crus of the antihelix. You can feel the split when you put your... READ MORE

Revision Otoplasty Correction after sports trauma.

I am getting married in a month. I just had revision otoplasty and suffered trauma from playing rugby 7 days post op which basically rebounded the... READ MORE

If my ear had some trauma and the cartilage got slightly displaced from the helical rim. Can it be repaired?

Can the cartilage be released and sutured back in the correct position or do I need to have the cartilage removed and grafted with new... READ MORE

Is it hard to remove the skin on the front side of the ear from cartilage without cutting or tearing the cartilage itself?

I need an area around the inferior crux fixed due to trauma. Are doctors able to make a hidden incision inside the helical rim without cutting the... READ MORE

What would be an example or examples of significant trauma that could damage otoplasty results?

 What would be an example or examples of significant trauma after 6 years? I didn't appear to have any swelling afterward. Would damage have... READ MORE

Is it difficult to make an incision on the front side without cutting the skin and cartilage with the incision?

I am wondering how difficult it is to open the outer ear to access the inferior crux of the antihelix and triangle fossa area where I have had some... READ MORE

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