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Getting a Haircut After Otoplasty?

How long after Otoplasty is it safe for a hairsylist to bend my ears back when getting a haircut? Six months? One year? Five years? Is it ever safe? READ MORE

Otoplasty - How Long Before Working out - Lifting Weights?

Hi, I had otoplasty performed on both ears about 6 months ago. Should if be safe to being light weight lifting (workouts) now? Thanks, Frank READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait for a New Otoplasty? (photo)

Hei. Sorry for my bad English. Im just wondering how long i need to wait for a new otoplasty. its been 6 week since my otoplasty and my ear stick out... READ MORE

How long till i can do MMA and boxing 'sparring/training' after otoplasty? (Not real fight)

Hi I had otoplasty (ear correction) done 10 days ago. I am wondering how long tilland if i would be able to do MMA or boxing sparring. Not real... READ MORE

Can I get a haircut after an otoplasty?

Can i get a haircut a few days after an otoplasty?.If not how long should i wait? Moreover if i say to my hairdresser to be gentle and not touch my... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision. Can I get this corrected?

I had a Otoplasty done about a month back. The surgeon used a combination of weakning the cartiledge and sutures to create the anti - helical fold.... READ MORE

How long after an otoplasty can I lift weights?

So five days after my otoplasty school will start from the summer break and i'll have to carry the books that will be given to me back home.I was... READ MORE

How long after an otoplasty can I return back to school?

I will get an otoplasty on one of my ears 5 days before school starts from the summer break.Are five days enough or should i wait longer? READ MORE

How long after getting otoplasty done should I wait to get a piercing? (photos)

I am getting otoplasty done on my left ear in a couple weeks. I am a big fan of piercings and am still wanting to get more. The two that I want on the... READ MORE

Can I dye my hair 2 weeks and 6 days (almost 3 weeks) after otoplasty surgery ?

I had an otoplasty done August 18th and I died my hair the day before, it’s semi permanent dye, my hair is bleached, the dye is removed by washing n... READ MORE

How much should I wait to undergo a revision otoplasty? Is it even possible?

I had otolasty with traditional/laser method and I find my ears to be very close to my head. Will there be any relaxation and by how many millimeters... READ MORE

Can I get otoplasty and eyelid retraction/canthoplasty before jaw surgery?

I am getting jaw surgery in 6 months. However, I would like to fix my ears and eyes. Can I do this before jaw surgery? Or will the soft tissue changes... READ MORE

Sleeping on the side after otoplasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty on my left ear two months ago.I was wearing a headband at night for the first month.I was wondering can i sleep on my side or... READ MORE

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