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Recommendations To Fix Ear Deformity After Facelift? (photo)

I had a facelift last year. My concern is the unnatural appearance of my ears. It is like the skin has been stretched to the front of my ears, then... READ MORE

Can I Stretch my Ears After Getting Otoplasty? (My Ears Pinned)

I've always hated how my ears stick out and now I have the chance to get them pinned. but I've also been wanting to stretch my earlobes to... READ MORE

Regarding Otoplasty? 8 Months Post Op and Not Satisfied With My Surgery?

Sir actually i got otoplasty before 8 months in Delhi, India by dr. and now i am not satisfied with my surgery, actually i am feeling some pain and... READ MORE

Is it possible to stretch my ears again after having them surgically closed?

I had my ears stretched up to 3/4ths of an inch when I blew out my ears and had them surgically closed. I have a little build up of scar tissue on my... READ MORE

I was wondering if it's possible to reduce stretched ears surgically down to a smaller gauge like 00?

Like my question I was wondering if large stretched ears like my size 1"1/4 can be reduced to a smaller gauge like 00 for example , it must it be done... READ MORE

Can I get otoplasty for protruding ears if I have stretched lobe piercings?

I have my ear lobes stretched with 18mm jewelery however I am also wanting to get my ears pinned back. Is it possible to get the surgery without... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor to close up stretched ears. Any suggestions?

Made some poor life decisions when I was younger that really affect what I want to do now. Looking to join the military but can't with these holes.... READ MORE

1 yr post op Otoplasty in which cartilage was remove excessively. Result: the top third is still sticking out. (photo)

The rt ear has a telephone appearance, where as on the left, I look like I have half an ear. I went to another surgeon where I had perm. sutures done... READ MORE

Problems with the skin above the ear. (photo)

I had my left ear done about 10 years ago and from day one i felt that something wasn´t right . My skin is being stretched around the top of my ear ... READ MORE

Otoplast. Both ears were operated on cartridge removed. Both ears were not pinned back enough as requested.

1. Dctor stated he just cut stitch skin back to bring them back extra 4mm. No scoring or cutting of cartridge. Won't this just stretch out eventually?... READ MORE

Can I repair a stretched ear "blow out" with out downsizing my stretched ears?

I have had my ears stretched for around 5 years, and have had a blow out for about 3 of those years. My ears are an inch, and I do love them. I am... READ MORE

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