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I Want To Make My Ears Smaller, Not Change Their Projection

All my life I have been insecure about my ears and avoided sports and other activities where you can't keep your hair down. When I look at Before... READ MORE

Can Ears Actually Be Made Smaller with Plastic Surgery?

I have larger ears that also stick out a little bit from my head. I'm a young woman who would love to feel comfortable with wearing my hair up... READ MORE

Can Ears Be Made Smaller and Ear Lobes Sewn to Skin?

Hi, I don't have ears that stick out and thus a traditional ototoplasy is not indicated. But I do have large ears. Can they be made smaller and the... READ MORE

I Have Really Long Ears, I Want to Know if Surgery or Otoplasty Can Help my Ears Get Smaller in Size and Volume?

I have long ears like about 4 and 1/2 to about 6 inches and if surgery or otoplasty can reduce the size and volume of my ears, and also the cost?... READ MORE

I have 'bat ears' & one ear is bigger than the other. Is it possible to make the larger ear smaller?

Bat ears, LHS ear is more protruding (it is very obvious). I have approached the doctor regarding surgery and they're looking into it (NHS funding etc... READ MORE

Ear Reduction

I would like to make my ears smaller, I know you can pin them back but my real interest is to make them a bit smaller. My question is if they can be... READ MORE

Big ears and ear lobes. Would like a completely new set of smaller beautiful symmetrical natural looking ears. (Photo)

As per above. I'm balding much, paternal heritage, 34, male, severe anxiety sufferer. Looking for best ear surgery doctor in North America preferably... READ MORE

Ear Reduction Surgery in the U.S? (Specifically on the Helical Rim) (photo)

I found surgeons who do otoplasty in the US but my problem isn't that they protrude, they are just big. I found a dr who does ear reduction surgery... READ MORE

I want to make my ears smaller, not change their projection. Is this possible? (Photo)

I'm really insecure about my ears because I always think they are way too big and I avoid showing them as much as I can. When I look at Before And... READ MORE

Can I put my ears back with special adhesives to make them smaller? I don't want an operation.

I want to do a question , can i put back in my ears a special Adhesives , to stick with the head , does this make a problem or somethin else in ear ,... READ MORE

Can my ears be pinned back to appear smaller? What is the approximate cost of this surgery and how long is healing time? (photo)

I have had huge ears my whole life and I'd really like to know what can be done to make them smaller, or at least appear smaller. Can I expect a... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to make the ear smaller?

I have large ears not ears that stick out. I am depressed I can't cut my hair as I want I get bullied alot I just wonder if there's a safe surgery for... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for Revision Otoplasty? (Photos)

Hi doctors, I had an otoplasty in 2010, but one of the ears relapsed and i had to go under surgery again 6 months later. Some years have passed and i... READ MORE

I was wondering if it's possible to reduce stretched ears surgically down to a smaller gauge like 00?

Like my question I was wondering if large stretched ears like my size 1"1/4 can be reduced to a smaller gauge like 00 for example , it must it be done... READ MORE

How would I make my ears not floppy?

I want my ears to get smaller and get closer look like other people READ MORE

Where can I find a ear surgeon who can fix my ear? (photos)

I have a ear that I'd like to get fixed. It is smaller that my other ear because I'm missing cartilage at the top of my ear. READ MORE

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