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Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Headset?

I'm 16, and for the past 3 years most of the day I've been wearing a computer headset, and I've noticed my ears are pushed back more than they were... READ MORE

Could Ears Change Shape From Wearing Noise Protection? (photo)

Because of noisy neighbors for the past few years I have worth gun-range style ear protection occasional to bed. Is it possible wearing these while... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with Shape and Size of my Ears? (photo)

Hi , I am a male in my mid 40's and have not been happy with shape and size of my ears for some time - will otoplasty be successful at my age and what... READ MORE

Ears Uneven and Oddly Shaped After Otoplasty. What Do I Do? (photo)

Otoplasty done in 2007 by Dr. Peter Silversmith in VA. Afterwards right ear was sticking out so re-did operation with him. Then I noticed the ears had... READ MORE

Can The Ear's Antihelix Be Unfolded In Surgery?

I'm male 29 year's old, but not satisfied my ear. 1 ear the antihelix more border than normal, in the front that make the people unable to see... READ MORE

What Surgery Would I Need for my Ears? (photo)

My ears stick out alot & are quite flat from the edges which makes them look sort of elf like. Ive always been self conscious about this and its... READ MORE

Otoplasty Swelling 2 post-op, my right ear has an odd unnatural shape.

I had a bilateral otoplasty 2 weeks ago using the stitch method. The left ear looks great, however the right ear has an odd unnatural look - due to... READ MORE

I am 3 months post otoplasty, would ear shape change, what revision is needed? (photos)

I have done otoplasty 3 months ago only in my left ear because it was protruding , and now it's deformed, would it improve? Need your help READ MORE

Is there any way to change the shape of my ears?

My ears shape is seem very wierd, is there any way to change it (at least at one of my ears) to look better? And there is any way to make them bigger?... READ MORE

Is it possible, using ANY current otoplasty technique, to give the rounded shape to an otherwise straight anti-helix? (Photo)

I've had otoplasty to correct prominent ears, but my left ear, in particular, is lacking the classic round "backwards letter C" shape to the... READ MORE

What is the likelihood of the ear returning to normal after otoplasty/ ears being pinned back?

I went through the otoplasty procedure just two days ago and was wondering how common it is for the ear to return to it's prominent shape? READ MORE

My ears are asymmetrical, can it be fixed ? (Photo)

Hi, In the last year I have noticed that my ears have differenet shapes. I add some photos so you could see. My question is - can it be fixed in a... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the outer shape of your ear? (photos)

Hey Doctor, I was born with ears that are somewhat similar but also very different. My left ear seems to be much more pointed and feels thinner then... READ MORE

What would I use to get my ear shape fixed? (photo)

I don't need them pinned and they don't look weird at all from the front but from the side they look huge and crooked... Is there a surgery to fix... READ MORE

Can I Get Ear Shaping Surgery? (photo)

My ears are slightly different something which is of great awareness to me also my hairdresser said one is higher than the other :-/ i am just... READ MORE

What rights do I have for a free revision to pinnaplasty? Any help legally? (Photo)

Hello, Last year in July I underwent pinnaplasty surgery privately. I met with the surgeon twice after surgery, to have my bandages off and the second... READ MORE

How much will this procedure cost? I live in New York?

My left ear has a point at the end and it has a weird shape my right ear has a good shape can I remove the bump and reshape it like my right ear ? How... READ MORE

Does it worth to have an revision surgery on Otoplasty for me? (photos)

I had an otoplasy surgery 14 months ago. My left ear has a bad shape when you look it. But also i have a keloid problem and i am afraid of having a... READ MORE

Will ear shape improve? It's been 3 months since surgery (Photo)

I made otoplasty in my left ear before 3 months because it was protruding more than the right ear, I am satisfied about the pinning of the ear because... READ MORE

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