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Otoplasty Ear Surgery - Can Ears Be Raised Vertically?

I'm wondering if ears can be raised vertically? Lets say the top of the ear reaches the lower eyelid level. Can both ears be raised so that the top of... READ MORE

Are These Otoplasty Scars Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

Hi there, My son had otoplasty a little over a month ago. I have noticed these little bumps at the bottom of his ear. It appeared to be tension from... READ MORE

What Techniques Are Available for Ear Reductions?

What cosmetic surgery technique for ear reduction would leave the least amount of visible or obvious scarring? READ MORE

What Kind of Scarring is This and What Are my Options? (Photo)

I've had otoplasty done a few years ago and overall I'm happy with the results. Except now I'm not self concious about people looking at me head on... READ MORE

Otoplasty 9 Days Post Op - is This Hypertrophic/keloid Scaring? (photo)

Hello, I had bilateral otoplasty 9 days ago and as far as I know it was a suture only operation. While I'm in no pain, both ears did bleed a little... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a pointy elf ear fixed?

Hi, I have this pointy elfy left ear. I'm in my thirties. Is there any way to fix pointy ear? My concern is if I try to have it fixed it may either... READ MORE

What Should I Be Looking for when Finding a Suitable Surgeon for an Otoplasty?

1) What are the chances of keloid/raised scarring when having an otoplasty? 2) What are the chances of the ears relapsing (i.e. stickling out again)?... READ MORE

Do You Know if Otoplasty Can Be Performed with Only 1 Cm Scar Behind the Ears? (photo)

I'm a 35-year-old italian man and will be doing a bilateral otoplasty next Autumn 2012. As you can see from the enclosed pics my ears are not much... READ MORE

Otoplasty 3 weeks post-op; Is this stitch extrusion, hypertrophic scarring, keloid, or unresolved swelling? (photos)

What's up docs, I am 3 weeks post-op bilateral otoplasty; I had conchal setback and construction of the antihelix on both ears. The right ear shows a... READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can do to Get Rid of the Internal Scarring After Otoplasty?

I had otoplasty on my right ear for a deformity called lop ear which made my ear asymmetrical because of the shape of the helix appearing flat from... READ MORE

With A Minot Otoplasty, Would it Result in Scars? (photo)

Hello, my ears stick out a lot. I want to get an otoplasty done for them. However, I would like the changes to be rather minor, so that my ears would... READ MORE

What Can Be Done in my Situation? (photo)

I had an ear reduction surgery before 8 months ( reduce the actual size 7.2 cm to 6.5) In london , but i made the biggest mistake in my life They look... READ MORE

Otoplasty Scarring? (photo)

I had otoplasty performed 17 years ago and was left with cartilage scarring(nodules and sharp edges), is there anything that couldbe done remedy these... READ MORE

Otoplasty to reduce the appearance of large ears? My ears are too large for my head, 7cm in length and they protrude. (photo)

Male and 174cm tall. I understand that actual ear reduction surgery (macrotia) is risky and can result in excessive scarring. So I am interested in... READ MORE

Is this normal scarring six months post otoplasty? (photos)

When I pass my finger along it I can feel the permanent sutures. Is this normal? My plastic surgeon refuses to redo the stitches and says it's... READ MORE

What rights do I have for a free revision to pinnaplasty? Any help legally? (Photo)

Hello, Last year in July I underwent pinnaplasty surgery privately. I met with the surgeon twice after surgery, to have my bandages off and the second... READ MORE

Is it possible to have macrotia surgery without visible scars? (Photo)

ı have gone to several doctors for macrotia surgery but ı always got the answer that they had never done this surgery before because there will be v... READ MORE

Otoplasty revision question - need help deciding on which type of procedure. (photos)

Original surgery went ok, but am shaving head and noticed that without hair, ears still stick out a lot. Surgeon suggested reducing ear size too, but... READ MORE

Otoplasty - excess cartilage scars/sharp edges removal?

I had Otoplasty surgery. After the procedure I have been left with excess cartilage scars / sharp edges (see attached) which has been causing me... READ MORE

What are the risks of secondary otoplasty and why there was asymmetry and recurrence on the first one? Is scarring more likely ?

I had otoplasty 8 months ago. My ears were pinned back but weren't totally symmetrical. During this time I followed the doctors instructions. Now... READ MORE

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