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How Noticeable Are the Scars After an Otoplasty?

Where do they cut into the scalp and ears during ear surgery and are the scars really noticeable? READ MORE

Cartilage Ear Scars After Otoplasty

I had otoplasty performed for protruding ears years ago. I am left with cartilage "scars" on both anterior antihelixes. On the left,... READ MORE

Should I Tie a String Around my Hypertrophic Scar on my Ear to Remove It?

I just lost my job, so I have no insurance and can't afford surgery. My ear got massively infected, and after messing with it too much over the... READ MORE

I believe this is what is called Darwin's tubercle on my left ear. How to fix it? (Photo)

I have this deformity this birth, and I would like to get it removed if possible. What is the procedure, how much of a scar would I have? I would also... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Keloid Scarring?

It's been about a month since my ear otoplasty and on my left ear where the stitching is there is a thick buildup underneath, idk what that is on... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty Swelling Where the Stitches Were??

Hi my procedure was done a month ago, my ears still kinda hurt and one of the ears is still a little swollen on that ear where the stitchings were and... READ MORE

How Should an Ear Otoplasty Scar Look?

I got my procedure done 6 weeks ago and some parts of the scars are swollen and raised. Is that normal? How is it going to look in the end? When... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty and Scar Cream

Hi,i had my procedure done on july 13, its been 20 days. the place in the back of my ear where the surgeon cut my ear from still hurts and is red and... READ MORE

Horrible Scar After Ear Otoplasty?

I have a very bad raised super white scar on the top of my left ear, its very hard i feel like its a cartlige but im not sure, it has been 3 and a... READ MORE

Toddler African-American Otoplasty Stitches

My toddler had otoplasty surgery a week ago. The stitches put are big, crooked, and visible. Behind her right ear there's extra meat and scarring... READ MORE

When Will the Redness from Ear Otoplasty Go Away?

How much time does it take for the scar to heal? When does th reddish pink go away from the stitches, when do I get my final result of th scar? READ MORE

Post Revision Otoplasty: Large Scar Behind Ear

Had bilateral otoplasty done June 2010. Left ear still sticked out too much compared to the right one and they were really uneven so i had revision in... READ MORE

How Do the Stitches on Your Ear Look After Auricular Cartilage Grafting . Does Fascia Grafting Leave a Scar on Your Head?

I am concerned about how will the stitches and scars on my ear and head look after this procedures. I would deeply appreciate some help by sending me... READ MORE

Ear Otoplasty - Two Different Scars?

Hi, I had my procedure done almost 2 months ago. On one of the ears the scar is thick and raised up and white and on the other ear the scar is thin... READ MORE

Kelo-cote Scar Gel for Ear Otoplasty Scar

Hi, I had my ear otoplasty about 9 weeks ago. I went to see a different surgeon for a second opinion, he gave me samples of this new scar gel... READ MORE

Steroid Injections for Ear Otoplasty Scars?

If my scar is still visible after six months can I get the steroid injections? Or do I have to do it as soon as possible? Can I use silicone sheets... READ MORE

Will my scars after otoplasty heal? (photo)

Hi, I had otoplasty 6 months ago and I happen to still have some red swollen scars and it is very embarrassing. My doctor said they will heal but I... READ MORE

I recently had otoplasty done. Is this skin necrosis? (Photo)

I recently had otoplasty around 2 weeks ago. I am a smoker and smoked the day before surgery as i did not know that i shouldnt but have not smoked... READ MORE

What's the Best Scar Cream for Post-otoplasty?

What's the best scar cream that I can get for the scar to go away? When should I start putting it on? READ MORE

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