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Getting a Haircut After Otoplasty?

How long after Otoplasty is it safe for a hairsylist to bend my ears back when getting a haircut? Six months? One year? Five years? Is it ever safe? READ MORE

How soon after otoplasty is it ok bend the ears?

I had otoplasty a little over six months ago. Both cartilage reduction and placement of permanent sutures to enhance the antihelical fold were done.... READ MORE

How long can I sleep on my ear after an otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 3 weeks ago and i was wondering when is it safe to sleep on my ear? READ MORE

Masturbation after otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty 10 days ago.Is it safe to masturbate?Will it alter the final result of the surgery? READ MORE

Is it safe to be sexually active after an otoplasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty a few days ago and i was wondering is it ok to have sex or masturbate or should i wait? READ MORE

I got an otoplasty (only ear pinning) 18 days ago... is it safe to get my hair colored? (Photo)

My surgeon gave me the ok but I'm still scared that the incisions might get infected or something. I have a wedding to attend this week and I really... READ MORE

Is it safe to get otoplasty abroad? Specifically in Tijuana (Southern California resident)

I don't feel it's that complex of a procedure and the risk would be minimal. READ MORE

Is there a surgery to make the ear smaller?

I have large ears not ears that stick out. I am depressed I can't cut my hair as I want I get bullied alot I just wonder if there's a safe surgery for... READ MORE

Is general anesthetic safe? I am terrified!

I put a down payment to get the tops of my ears fixed it will be a few months before I pay it off, I picked an amazing surgeon I met through this site... READ MORE

Do my earlobes need to be pinned and setback? Is earlobe pinning a safe procedure? Will there be a visible excess skin? (photo)

I had an otoplasty almost 3 months ago in which cartilage was removed and permenant sutures were used. I went to see my doctor last week regarding my... READ MORE

Activities after otoplasty?

Hi.I had an otoplasty 7 days ago and i was wondering when is it safe to start participating in activities that will increase my my blood... READ MORE

How long after an otoplasty can I lift weights?

So five days after my otoplasty school will start from the summer break and i'll have to carry the books that will be given to me back home.I was... READ MORE

My right ear is obscured by my right side of my face. Is there a reasonably safe way to correct that? (photos)

Even when my face is facing directly to the front, my right ear is hidden, causing a noticeable asymmetry. What is the risk of surgery to on the right... READ MORE

Beanie after otoplasty?

It's been 2 months and 15 days since i had an otoplasty.Can i wear a beanie or would this be a problem?Also are bending moves safe at this point? READ MORE

Is otoplasty safe for the deaf and the hard of hearing?

Ears are protruding and otoplasty would normally be required. However, would I still be able to wear the same hearing aids as before? Or would the... READ MORE

Is it safe to masturbate after otoplasty procedure?

Hi I am a 23 year old male. I have recently had Otoplasty procedure and I'm currently 5 days post operation. I am still wearing a head bandage 24/7.... READ MORE

Would it be safe to get a daith and/or a industrial bar piercing 9 years after an otoplasty? (Photo)

I'm more concerned about the industrial piercing, but would really like to know if either one is safe to do. Its been 9 years since my otoplasty, but... READ MORE

Will I be safe wearing a toque?

Had surgery 24 hours ago - When I wear the headband it feels extremely tight - I almost feel like my ears have a pulse. It is relieved when I take the... READ MORE

Ear-Stickers 2 weeks after otoplasty - is this a good idea?

I had an otoplasty 2 weeks ago. I still wear the headband permanently, but I am getting back to work and I cannot show up there with the headband. I... READ MORE

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