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Second Time Otoplasty

Hello, I had an otoplasty 4 years ago. Unfortunately, my left ear is not pinned as equal as right ear so it really looks weird for me so I am not... READ MORE

Hematoma After Otoplasty- What Are The Risks? (photo)

Hi! How bad is it to get a hematoma after an otoplasty? Does it have to be drained immediately? I have read that there is a risk of fibrosis. What is... READ MORE

Otoplasty & Rhinoplasty Done Together. Pros and Cons?

Hello Doctors! Firstly I just want to thank you for taking the time to read my concern and address it. I am a 17 year old male ( 18 in august ) who is... READ MORE

Can I Still Kickbox After Otoplasty?

My ears stick out and I am consedring having otoplasty. I wanted to know if I could still kickbox ,and have otoplasty. I saw this question about... READ MORE

Are There Any Risks About Getting Otoplasty, and Can People Under the Age of 18 Get It?

Can ear correction affect hearing, and at what age can it be administered (I know there is no legal age set, but at what age would it be considered at?) READ MORE

Do I have Stahl's ear? Is the surgery to correct it very risky or invasive? (Photos)

I saw a photo on here that reminded me of my own ears. I looked up some pictures and I realized the extra cartilage might be why my ears don't curl at... READ MORE

Had an Otoplasty then Hematoma and Drained the Blood What Risks I Have and What to Do?

I had an otoplasty surgery and it went bad with a hematoma on both my ears , i went to doctor and he drained the blood now i'm home and i am wondering... READ MORE

How Will Aging Be Affected by Ear Cartilage Being Harvested for Rhinoplasty?

I recently had quite a bit of ear cartilage harvested to redefine my nasal tip. Although my ear looks the same, I can't help but reach behind my ears... READ MORE

Can I Stretch my Ears After Getting Otoplasty? (My Ears Pinned)

I've always hated how my ears stick out and now I have the chance to get them pinned. but I've also been wanting to stretch my earlobes to... READ MORE

How can I predict Otoplasty failure?

I want to have Otoplasty, however I hear of cases that people go through the whole procedure only to find out afterwords that their ears relapsed... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Otoplasty and Chin Liposuction at the Same Time?

Hi, I'll be going for otoplasty and chin liposuction in two weeks' time. My surgeon said it's okay but I was thinking.. For my ears, I... READ MORE

I Had an Otoplasty 5 Weeks Ago, Could I Get a Hematoma if I Go Paintballing and Get Shot in the Ear?

I was just wondering what the complications would be if I were to be shot in the ear at paintball. READ MORE

Follow-up to my first question about my revision otoplasty "Can this otoplasty be corrected?" (Photo)

These are two more photos of my ears.The doctor suggested that the upper half of the left ear should change shape and the two ears should go closer to... READ MORE

Earfold - could it increase the chance of cancer?

I visited a surgeon (otoplasty). Regarding ' earfold' he said: -earfold is composed of titanium, nickel ,gold and is for permanent implantation. He... READ MORE

Is It Risky to Get Otoplasty 6 Months Before a Jaw Surgery?

Hi I have heard you can get problems with your sinuses and nasal septum when you get jaw surgery.... Would that be a problem if your rhinoplasty was 2... READ MORE

Question about minor cauliflower ear surgery

How difficult would it be to perform an otoplasty on minor cauliflower ear to remove the scar tissue? Will the ear get softer after surgery and is it... READ MORE

Can you reduce the size of the ear cartilage?

My ears are not protruding and the ear lobe is not large. The top part of my ears, however, are rather big and as a result they are making me very... READ MORE

Is it safe to get otoplasty abroad? Specifically in Tijuana (Southern California resident)

I don't feel it's that complex of a procedure and the risk would be minimal. READ MORE

My ears are big but not protrude. I went to several doctors but they say me that they had never done this surgery before.(photo)

There will be visible scars and this does not worth it.they say that they can only make otoplasty surgery for protrude ears. only one doctor said he... READ MORE

Can I use special adhesive to pin my ears back, or is it dangerous?

I put special adhesive back in my ear to stick with the head , but immediately i washed with water because i was scared if is dangerous to let the... READ MORE

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