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Doctor Recommendation for Helix Rim Surgery in the United Kingdom

Hi, ive had surgey on my ears over a year ago, the normal otoplasty procedure and they still stick out at the tops, i went back to my surgen and told... READ MORE

I'm suffering from macrotia. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I know I'm suffering from macrotia. Just need all the help from anyone willing to provide feedback and opinions on what to consider and expect as I do... READ MORE

Split Tragus. Is there any surgery that can be done to close it?

Hi there, A few years ago I had my tragus pierced and was absolutely in love with it, until I had a lot of trouble with the healing process of it, and... READ MORE

Concerning Otoplasty and Prominent Ears; do protruding ears go away with age?

Hi, I was debating with a friend and she told me that her doctor told her he had many cases in which prominent ears or protruding ears went away with... READ MORE

Laser assisted Cartilage Reshaping Otoplasty?

I have researched and found this alternative method for otoplasty. I am wondering why I cant find any doctors who perform this. Results are promising... READ MORE

Otoplasty revision to correct lower ear/earlobe protrusion?

Following my initial surgery c.2 years ago, the bottom third of my ears still protrude slightly causing a bit of 'telephone ear'. I would like to get... READ MORE

How can I make my ears symmetrical? (Photos)

Ever since I was a baby i've always had long shaggy hair that hid most of my ears. But around a year ago, i got a huge haircut showing me that my ears... READ MORE

Have always wanted to get my ear pinned since I was little, I have read reviews and I'm really keen to have mine done? (Photos)

I would like to know how much this would cost me and the procedures and treatments i have to go through. however i live in Fiji but i would like to... READ MORE

I'm looking for a reasonable price on otoplasty with a well known surgeon near the Los Angeles area?

Hi so my whole life i've lived with large ears that stick out, im finally 18 and looking to get them pulled back and maybe smaller looking, any... READ MORE

How long until we are able to implant 3d printed ears?

I keep seeing article son the research done on bioprinting ear cartilage. I was wondering how much longer it would be until we can implant 3d printed... READ MORE

Is anesthesia included in the costs of ear pinning? (Photos)

I always wanted to get my ears pinned back. I've been reading reviews and researching. Can anyone help me with prices and tell me more about the... READ MORE

Is there any doctor in Arizona that can give my ear a helix? (photos)

I don't want to have my ears pinned back they don't stick out, i just want to have a curl on the top. I did some research and found some methods out... READ MORE

I'm seeking surgery severe ear protrusion and Stahl's Ear aka "Vulcan"or "Spok" ear. Any Surgeons in the Midwest? (photo)

I'd like to be able to drive there in a day, and this is this the most realistic distance for me. Is it unrealistic to think my ears could ever be... READ MORE

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