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How Much Does Ear Reduction Cost with No Pinning Back of the Ears?

The upper portion of my ears are too flat and large. I want to have them reduced. When I pinch the upper portion together, that is what I want my ears... READ MORE

Is It Possible To Reduce The Size Of My Ears?

Good morning, I would like to know how you would perform your surgery on my case (shown in the picture). I've already had an otoplasty 10 years... READ MORE

What Techniques Are Available for Ear Reductions?

What cosmetic surgery technique for ear reduction would leave the least amount of visible or obvious scarring? READ MORE

Otoplasty, Can This Procedure Correct Very Large Ears to Smaller, Not Protruding?

I'm 47 and I have large ear cartlidge but my ears don't protrude. Can this be corrected to give me smaller ears on my petite frame? I have... READ MORE

How soon after otoplasty is it ok bend the ears?

I had otoplasty a little over six months ago. Both cartilage reduction and placement of permanent sutures to enhance the antihelical fold were done.... READ MORE

Conchal bowl reduction otoplasty? (Photo)

Hi, is a conchal bowl reduction otoplasty suitable for my ears READ MORE

Ear Lobe Reduction

Can a male who is 16 get ear lobe reduction surgery even if he is still growing. He is only maybe midpoint of puberty( late bloomer). His ears do not... READ MORE

What is the Most Affordable Route for Ear Reduction Surgery? (photo)

My ears are big. The problem isn't really that they stick out, although they do a bit. The problem is the size. Obviously I've heard of ear pinning... READ MORE

What to Expect when Swelling is Gone? (photo)

I had ear surgery done 9 days ago in wich my concha bowl was reduced by cutting a small part out. This was done from the inside of my ears and not... READ MORE

What Can Be Done in my Situation? (photo)

I had an ear reduction surgery before 8 months ( reduce the actual size 7.2 cm to 6.5) In london , but i made the biggest mistake in my life They look... READ MORE

Can my ear be reduced in size? Not pinned back, but actual size of the ear made smaller (Photo)

I am considering getting my ears reduced in size. They are huge. They look much bigger than in the pictures. One sticks out a bit, the other doesn't.... READ MORE

Ear Reduction Surgery in the U.S? (Specifically on the Helical Rim) (photo)

I found surgeons who do otoplasty in the US but my problem isn't that they protrude, they are just big. I found a dr who does ear reduction surgery... READ MORE

I Had the Ear Surgery About 5 Months Ago. Telephonic Shape? (photo)

After ear surgery the ears look like telephonic shape.The ears were pin back but lobes are still outward and large.Is ear lobe reduction surgery will... READ MORE

How to fix large conchal bowls?

Hi, i don't have ears that stick out, (prominent ears) but my conchal bowls are large, This makes it very difficult to wear earphones because they... READ MORE

I Am Curious if I Am a Candidate for Ear Reduction and Otoplasty to Bring the Ears Closer to the Head? (photo)

In both of my ears I have mature cauliflower ear from years past and with this it has made my ears disproportionate. I am looking into getting my ears... READ MORE

Otoplasty to reduce the appearance of large ears? My ears are too large for my head, 7cm in length and they protrude. (photo)

Male and 174cm tall. I understand that actual ear reduction surgery (macrotia) is risky and can result in excessive scarring. So I am interested in... READ MORE

How much does ear size reduction and earlobe attachment change cost?

Im 16 years old but ive always been self conscious about my ears...there saggy and fat. I also want to get my ears attached because I think free... READ MORE

How Much is Ear Reduction Surgery of the Outer Rim?

For this procedure, and if this was done in addition to a slight ear lobe reduction?  READ MORE

How long does it take to see final result of conchal bowl reduction? (Photo)

I had this done two weeks ago and whilst the ear does look less "sticky Out" the ridges of my inner ear look really swollen and prominent - is this... READ MORE

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