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How Can I Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery?

How Can Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Reduce 7cm Ears?

I have 7 cm ears and I am considering reduction surgery. My earlobes and top of the ears need to be reduced. How much would it cost and how long will... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce Ears from 7cm to 5.5cm?

Hi, I currently have big 7 cm ears which are kind of deformed as well cause they don't have the proper fold. I have a small face so they just look... READ MORE

Reducing Ear Length Without Ear Pinning?

I do not need my ears pinned back , but I do need to have the length of my ears reduced, is that possible? READ MORE

How would you fix 7 cm big ear? - Reducing size (Photo)

Hello , i want to ask for your opinion on my case, how would you reduce ear size (changing earlobe or something else) to reduce 7cm ear (from bottom... READ MORE

2 Otoplastys, but still unhappy. Is it possible to carve the top portion to reduce the size and also make it less pointy? (photo

I underwent otoplasty in 2004 and again in 2012 with different surgeons. I am still not statified with the results as the top and bottom portion of my... READ MORE

Can the top of the ear be reshaped? Not meaning pinned back. But actually reshaping the top to reduce size and better shape.

I'm wondering if there is a procedure that can reshape the top of the ear in an adult. Not having them pinned back, but reducing the size at the top... READ MORE

Is there an otoplasty procedure that can lower the vertical positioning of the ears? (photos)

For example, to achieve good proportion, the ear normally starts inline with the bottom of the nasal alar, and extends up to the tail of the eyebrow.... READ MORE

Will the telephone effect go away? (Photo)

Do i have the telephone affect? (its been a month since my otoplasty) do you think it will get reduce by itself or did my surgery go wrong? pls help me READ MORE

I had otoplasty done 2 wks ago. One ear is still sticking out. I want to get the fold operated on, how long will I have to wait?

Just had the concha cartlige reduced, fold was operated on. Surgeon says its swelling and to give it time. Worried that the swelling will not subside.... READ MORE

Does my ear have a size problem? What procedure is best for me ? (photos)

Not really sure what would be the best options for my ears, but i feel as if they are a bit on the big side, i would like to have the vertical height... READ MORE

Otoplasty revision question - need help deciding on which type of procedure. (photos)

Original surgery went ok, but am shaving head and noticed that without hair, ears still stick out a lot. Surgeon suggested reducing ear size too, but... READ MORE

How can I reduce otoplasty scars behind ear? (photos)

I have had multiple otoplasty's and the scars behind my ears are now really noticeable. They appear to be raised and still hurt even four months after... READ MORE

I was wondering if it's possible to reduce stretched ears surgically down to a smaller gauge like 00?

Like my question I was wondering if large stretched ears like my size 1"1/4 can be reduced to a smaller gauge like 00 for example , it must it be done... READ MORE

Ear size! Is it possible to reduce the overall size of ears? (Photo)

Hello! I have a ear-size issue. I think that my ears is large, but not protruding. Is it possible to reduce the overall size of ears? The picture... READ MORE

How much does earlobe reduction cost? (Photos)

I'm interested in earlobe reduction to make my earlobes streamline. The size of my earlobes is due to genetics. I want to get an idea of how much it... READ MORE

My ears are 7cm in height/length. Is there an operation to successfully reduce the top third of ear? (Photo)

Is there an operation to successfully reduce the top third of ear? Who is the best surgeon in the uk for these ops? READ MORE

Is there anyway that the top of my ear could be given a more rounded shape and have vertical height reduced from the top?(Photo)

Hi, i'd really like to shorten the length of my ears, (4-5mm maybe?) and round them off more (as they are pointy-ish). I was wondering if there was... READ MORE

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