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Why Does my Medpor Ear Become Exposed? (photo)

I had medpor ear reconstruction done nearly two years ago and during this time, parts of my ear have become exposed. At the end of last year I... READ MORE

Options For Ear Reconstruction After Cartilage Harvest for Rhinoplasty ?

As I wrote before,I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafts. I can feel and see the depression in my ear (the cartilage was taken from... READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose Be Placed Back in the Conchal Bowl?

I asked a question about ear reconstruction after cartilage harvest for revision rhinoplasty. I will soon remove the one ear cartilage graft from my... READ MORE

Reconstructing ear after failed otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty on one ear, and it was a complete failure. The surgeon ended up removing a lot of cartilage and skin from my conchal bowl causing... READ MORE

Ear reconstruction: Why do keloids usually grow back bigger and more aggressively?

I am female Caucasian I have two keloids on the tops of each ear this Friday I am getting them excised along with some upper ear reconstruction, my... READ MORE

In search of a doctor who can reconstruct my ear on both sides (helix) (Photo)

Left ear was attempted to be corrected as it was lopped, the attempt was failed caritilage is very bumpy and rough looking very un-appealing, would... READ MORE

Cauliflower ear reconstruction possible to very damaged ear? (Photo)

My boyfriend is in the UFC and has gotten cauliflower ear from years of mma and grappling. He plans to stop mma within a year or two and was wondering... READ MORE

Will i have to get ear reconstruction? (Photo)

I have a hard cauliflower ear and i want to kno if you think ill have to get ear reconstruction if i get it removed because i really dont want it..... READ MORE

Can I get an Otoplasty Revision and Reconstruction? (Photo)

My original otoplasty was done in May. I suffered from intense bleeding from both ears, which needed to be cauterized twice, and the ears looked... READ MORE

Does the result seem to be good? (Photo)

I did a flap over ear i would like to know if the final look will be good or not and the ear will be noticed as deformed READ MORE

Will stitches fix torn helix? (Photo)

What can I do? Do I need reconstructive surgery? READ MORE

Want ear reconstruction, around how much would it be? (photos)

Long story short i got my ears pointed a few years ago, they healed fine over the last few months i noticed maybe a keloid or cyst growing there I've... READ MORE

Is it the solution and it will be look good? (photos)

Idid ear reconstruction 2 months ago and lost the graft due to vascular supply insufficiency(as surgeon told me) . Idid surgery one week ago and... READ MORE

Problems faced in later stage of life if not having 2 rib cartilage? Is ear reconstruction can be done best with rib cartilage?

My ear got damaged in an accident when i was 5yrs. It has burn scars and dont have lower part and ear lob.. Upper part is fine. I operated it by using... READ MORE

Best doctor, method and material for otoplasty reconstruction with cartilage or medpor? Ear reconstruction. (Photo)

I had otoplasty surgery 5 years ago, on my left ear to bring in closer to the The results were a horrific disaster. He doctor used the concal setback... READ MORE

How difficult is it to reconstruct minor cauliflower ear?

Is a scapel used or other tools for round sections of the ear like the triangle fossa? READ MORE

Does it need more work? (photos)

I did local flap after ear reconstruction failure so I would like to know is it need more work to be more natural READ MORE

Technique for correcting ear deformity? (photos)

I have consulted 3 board certified plastic surgeons regarding my ear reconstruction (see previous question for details) & have received all... READ MORE

Can I still have a chance to be fixed? (photos)

I was 11 years of age when I lost my ear from getting run over by a jeep and lost my left earlobe in the process. Now Living under its shadows I do... READ MORE

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