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Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears (permanently)?

I am in my mid twenties and am discouraged because I can't seem to find a way to fix this besides surgery. Is there no other way to persuade the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Put a Fold in my Ears? (photo)

My ears do protrude out a bit, but that is not what really bothers me. What really bothers me is the flat top of my ears or lack of fold. I would love... READ MORE

How Much Would It Cost to Fix my Ears Closer to my Head , Nothing Else?

My ears have always been a bother and also a subject to bullying. I hate how they stick out. I want my parents to get me otoplasty but they say it's... READ MORE

One Ear Protrude from Folding when Sleeping?

Hi. when i sleep on my side, my ear always folds back against the pillow and my head and now my right ear in the upper portion sticks out.... my left... READ MORE

3 Months Post-Op Ear Pinning, Left Ear is Protruding More than the Right, is a Revision Needed?

My 8 year old daughter had her ears pinned three months ago and now the left ear appears to be protruding more than the right. Before surgery it... READ MORE

Otoplasty Recovery. Protruding After Dressings Removal?

I had otoplasty 1 week ago. I wore a dressing all week, which was removed today and I'm now wearing a sports head-band, which I've been told to wear... READ MORE

My Left Ear Ear is Protruding out Like Dumbo After a Ear Surgery. Is That Permanent or Just Swelling? (photo)

Ok so 3 days ago i got a surgery to remove a clestiotoma in my left inner ear and they made the incision behind the left ear(Shown in picture 1) now... READ MORE

Why do my ears stick out/protrude too much?

Hi, I have been noticing a change in my ears they are usually normal looking but lately they have been sticking out on top, a lot. The left ear more... READ MORE

What are the different types of sutures used for Otoplasty? And can an ear be set back again if there is redrift? (photo)

I am a 19 year old male and I read online that the ear cartilage is stronger in older patients and more likely to protrude again.. I read this on the... READ MORE

Otoplasty Uneven Post Op 1 Year?

I had otoplasty about a year ago, and I was happy with the results for about 4 months. Then however, it seemed that one ear was progressively starting... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Helix Rim Surgery in the United Kingdom

Hi, ive had surgey on my ears over a year ago, the normal otoplasty procedure and they still stick out at the tops, i went back to my surgen and told... READ MORE

I have 'bat ears' & one ear is bigger than the other. Is it possible to make the larger ear smaller?

Bat ears, LHS ear is more protruding (it is very obvious). I have approached the doctor regarding surgery and they're looking into it (NHS funding etc... READ MORE

4 days post op Otoplasty, I got severe pain and swelling in my right ear. Is this infections? (photos)

I am in to the clinic tomo for my post op review. will only be able to see a nurse as the surgeon don't see the patients for weeks if not months post... READ MORE

Was my Otoplasty Done Correctly? (photo)

I had otoplasty on both ears 3 weeks ago. My PS told me my ears would be a lot closer to my head and held my ears back to demonstrate the expected... READ MORE

Absorbable Sutures Protrudes out of Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Otoplasty 26 days ago.Surgeon put absorbable sutures on cartilage and non absorbable on the skin(removed).One suture sticks out from the skin,probably... READ MORE

5 days post-otoplasty. Is it possible that my right ear got squished and stuck together? Will it heal? (Photo)

My Doctor told me this is the swelling that is causing the ear to close up like that. My left ear looks beautiful still bruised but great. Will my... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision Was a Failure?

I underwent my first otoplasty procedure 3 years ago and the results were satisfactory, I was able to put my hair up and feel confident. After my... READ MORE

Ear Pinning

Can ears be pulled farther away from face through surgery? will ear pinning still allow me to tuck my hair behind my ears? READ MORE

Could I Replace the Cartilage Behind my Ear to Give It a More Upward/higher Slant?

The cartilage behind my ears are formed in a way that makes them look low. Are there ways to reshape the already existing cartilage to make them bend... READ MORE

Otoplasty for my Type of Ears? (photo)

I would like to have otoplasty performed. However, I looked through several pictures on the internet and it seems that sometimes patients who... READ MORE

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