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Can I Get Just the Tips of my Ears Pinned Back?

I had otoplasty surgery in 2004 and overall its good but the tips of my ears on both sides stick out. Is it possible to have just the tips of my ears... READ MORE

Ear/Nose Surgery Combination - Costs?

Hello! What do you think? I would like my nose to be straight and thinner maybe, and ears pinned back, and reduced in size. How much would this entire... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Ears to Move Slightly After Otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty procedure done a few weeks ago and have been wearing a wide, soft headband since having the dressings removed. Right now I only... READ MORE

Are There Any Alternatives to Ear Surgery, or Will There Be Any?

I know that for now there arent so much ways to pin ears back other than otoplasty.. but may i ask, in the near future, if there are any possibilities... READ MORE

3 Weeks After Pinning Back of Left Ear? (photo)

This is my left ear after getting it pinned back to match my right ear the left ear stuck out a lot more and had flat cartilage. As you can see it... READ MORE

Incisionless Otoplasty Possible? (photo)

I simply want to "fold in/pin back" the "top" (protruding part) of my ear although the "base" of my ear is perfectly fine (sorry for my crude jargon)... READ MORE

I have 'bat ears' & one ear is bigger than the other. Is it possible to make the larger ear smaller?

Bat ears, LHS ear is more protruding (it is very obvious). I have approached the doctor regarding surgery and they're looking into it (NHS funding etc... READ MORE

How Long Will the Stiffness Last?

I had Otoplasty ear pinning exactly one year ago and my ears are still stiff, is that normal? also the result is not what i expected, since the... READ MORE

Can Ears Be Lifted Up Slightly and Pinned Back?

Hi i was wondering if ears can be lifted vertically (about 10mm) so that they level with the nose? i.e my nose from top to bottom is parallel to my... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Ear Cartilage Reshaping and Also Pinning Closer to my Head? (photo)

Id like to have my ears more rounded shape i.e cartilage and closer to my head. Is this possible? READ MORE

Ear Reduction

I would like to make my ears smaller, I know you can pin them back but my real interest is to make them a bit smaller. My question is if they can be... READ MORE

What is the Earliest a Revision Pinnaplasty Can Be Performed? (photo)

I have had an incisionless pinnaplasty performed 2 weeks ago. I previously asked the question is my left ear over corrected, thank you to the doctors... READ MORE

Post Ear Surgery: Will One Ear Droop More Due to a Loose Stitch?

My son just had plastic ear surgery 4 days ago to pin the ears closer to the head, today the dr. removed the bandage and noticed one ear is more... READ MORE

Is this much asymmetry normal after my otoplasty at 3 weeks time? (photos)

I had an incisionless otoplasty nearly 3 weeks ago because i wanted the tops of my ears to be slightly pinned. The day after the surgery i could see... READ MORE

Can Ear Pinning Have Long Lasting Results?

Hello! I had othoplasty done about 10 years ago under local anesthesia. The results last as long as the pain.. about six months and then the ears... READ MORE

One ear is a lot closer to my head than the other. Is there a way I could get the ear loosened to match the other? (photo)

I had my ears pinned when younger. Consultant told me ears are always different from eachother but now one ear is now ideal however the other is... READ MORE

My ears look slaughtered. How will this heal? Need a second opinion.. I'm torn apart inside (Photo)

This is 5 days post op. I asked the doctor to pin my ears back, make my earlobes smaller and also reduce the size. He said he could do it, but that... READ MORE

How can I optimize overcorrection on an ear pinning surgery? - currently 2 weeks post op

Hi, I had an ear pinning surgery 2 weeks ago. There was a slight overcorrection and I was told it would recoil after removal of stitches. It has... READ MORE

Otoplasty went wrong ??? Bigger antihelical fold was provided than required ?? Please guide me. (photos)

I was having bat ears (as shown in pic 1) and underwent otoplasty. 2 things were performed - protruding ears were pinned back and anti helical fold... READ MORE

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