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Why did I develop small hard cartilidge bumps on antihelix after otoplasty? (photos)

I had a Darwin's tubicle removed on one ear as well as slight otoplasty of the same ear to match adjacent ear, involving cartilage trimming, no... READ MORE

How can I make my two ears look symmetrical? (photo)

I have a "normal" looking ear but the other one is a little smaller and more rounded. How can I fix this? And, how much would it cost? READ MORE

I believe this is what is called Darwin's tubercle on my left ear. How to fix it? (Photo)

I have this deformity this birth, and I would like to get it removed if possible. What is the procedure, how much of a scar would I have? I would also... READ MORE

What are the different types of sutures used for Otoplasty? And can an ear be set back again if there is redrift? (photo)

I am a 19 year old male and I read online that the ear cartilage is stronger in older patients and more likely to protrude again.. I read this on the... READ MORE

Ear still sticks out after surgery. (Photos)

My daughter (7) had recently received otoplasty 3 weeks ago, but her ears are still sticking out in the same shape. I know ears can spring back even... READ MORE

Asymmetric ears after otoplasty. Is it swelling, or are my ears just asymmetrical? Can it be revised? (Photo)

I had otoplasty done 2 weeks ago, and my right ear seems to stick out more than the left at the top. It's only slightly more swollen than my left ear,... READ MORE

4 days post op Otoplasty, I got severe pain and swelling in my right ear. Is this infections? (photos)

I am in to the clinic tomo for my post op review. will only be able to see a nurse as the surgeon don't see the patients for weeks if not months post... READ MORE

An otoplasty question (Photo)

Hi, I had an otoplasty on Tuesday, like 4 days from now, but the "swelling" behind my ears are not subsiding. They are soft, should I wait for it to... READ MORE

I recently had otoplasty done. Is this skin necrosis? (Photo)

I recently had otoplasty around 2 weeks ago. I am a smoker and smoked the day before surgery as i did not know that i shouldnt but have not smoked... READ MORE

Should I have an otoplasty revision? (photo)

I had otoplasty a month ago and my ears are looking like the way they use to be. At the they looked good the first 2 weeks and now they aren't. I've... READ MORE

5 days post-otoplasty. Is it possible that my right ear got squished and stuck together? Will it heal? (Photo)

My Doctor told me this is the swelling that is causing the ear to close up like that. My left ear looks beautiful still bruised but great. Will my... READ MORE

Hypertrophic scar and otoplasty revision (Photo)

I posted this before but for some reason my details were not posted. Would a HYPERTROPHIC scar complicate otoplasty revision? READ MORE

Does my anti helical fold get less thick / prominent over time? (photos)

I had an otoplasty due to lack of antihelical fold 15 days ago. My left ear needed just a little bit more correction than the right. This resulted in... READ MORE

My left is different from my right ear. What can I do to make them look normal and symmetrical? (photo)

My left ear is kind not normal like the right ear can u help me what should i do just to get him look normal. Sry because my bad english READ MORE

Ten years of thinking of if I should do ear surgery or not, am I a good candidate? (photo)

Every time when i look my self in the mirror i hate my ears, I don't know if it's psychological thing or is just me and i'm getting marry soon.... READ MORE

Day 3 after Otoplasty - Earlobes Very Swollen and Protruding a lot (dumbo ears) (Photo)

I got otoplasty done 3 days ago and the whole purpose was to correct the "telephone" shape of my ears by setting back the earlobes a bit. They were... READ MORE

I had Otoplasty in 2012. The antihelix is unnatural looking with 'bumps' protruding & deep 'dips'. Is it fixable? (photos)

My surgeon said the antihelix would smooth out. I left a few weeks after the surgery for Thailand. The antihelix did not smooth out. I sought an... READ MORE

2 months post op of Revision Otoplasty, I see some asymmetry and my right ear is hard. Is this normal? (photos)

I underwent revision otoplasty 2 months ago due to overcorrection.Now although the result is more satisfying ,i see some significant assymetry which... READ MORE

Otoplasty - negative result. What course of action should I take? (Photo)

I had a revision otoplasty on one ear after 12 years of being dissatisfied with the original result. Three weeks after surgery the ear is almost... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape small ears to make them look bigger or at least normal-shaped? (photos)

I dislike my small ears. They are only 1 1/2 inches. I want to pin my ears back because the bottom part sticks out and I want to make them at least 2... READ MORE

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