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Otoplasty: How Can I Tell if my Sutures Are Permanent or Dissolvable?

I just took the bandages off my operated ears and am shocked to see how close they are to my head. I see several answers that say the ears will... READ MORE

Will Ears Grow in Size After Otoplasty?

Hi i am getting ready to get married in september of 2011, i have always been self concious of my protruding ears, i recently went to have a... READ MORE

After Bilateral Otoplasty, There's an Extra Fold in Conchal Bowels in Both Ears? Is This Permanent?

My daughter had Bilateral Otoplasty done about 6 weeks ago and she has an extra fold in Conchal Bowels in both ears? are they permanent or will the... READ MORE

1 month post op otoplasty with permanent sutures, will this tight feeling go away?

I had an otoplasty 1 month ago with suture method and I'm not happy with the results (asymmetry). I still feel the sutures (tight) and some discomfort... READ MORE

Otoplasty "Permanent Suture Reaction" I have discomfort left ear and pain, the area (skin) gets red sometimes. What to do?

I had otoplasty 3 months ago (nonabsorbable permanent suture only / no cartilage removed) . 1 month ago I started to have some symptoms (left ear... READ MORE

4 months post-op. Permanent Sutures/No cartilage removal. I have spitting sutures, they are bothering me. Can I remove them?

The permanent sutures are palpable and visible in the crest (back of the ear) and still feel tension , they really bother me/no infection. my biggest... READ MORE

Otoplasty Permanent Sutures complication. (Photo)

Otoplasty no cartilage removal On the picture #1 & #2 is where I experience strong tension and discomfort especially when i wiggle my ears. I dont... READ MORE

Otoplasty. I had a suture technique, not cartilage removal. 3 months later I have a protruding permanent suture. What to do?

I had an otoplasty 3 months ago. Now I'm having a permanent protruding suture on the back of my ear. I asked 2 different doctors but they have... READ MORE

Life after otoplasty. Are permanent stitches toxic for the body? Will I always feel the tension of the sutures?

I had a permanent suture technique otoplasty and the doctor who performed the surgery didn't talk much about the otoplasty risks. I have few questions... READ MORE

Otoplasty Permanent Sutures are toxic to the body?

I had an otoplasty and there are some articles says that permanent sutures are toxic to the body when expose to heat? Is that true? In case of... READ MORE

I had an otoplasty 8 months ago and the permanent sutures are intolerable. Original Dr. Not available. Who can remove them?

Otoplasty permanent suture technique only - 8 months ago - 4 protruding sutures were removed @ 5th month - 2 R (ear) & 2 L (ear) by a local plastic... READ MORE

Ears protruding - correction? (Photos)

My ears have bothered me for quite some time. I have noticed recently have i dont have any fold behind my ears as normal people do. I was wondering... READ MORE

Infected suture from otoplasty using stitch method. Should I get this reviewed to avoid further infections.

I had otoplasty using the stitch method 4 months ago. One of my permanent sutures is visible and has been drawing a little bit of blood? It is a... READ MORE

Permanent sutures vs dissolvable for otoplasty

I've recently had otoplasty my surgeon gave me dissolvable sutures and I've been told to wear a headband for 2 months, but I've been reading and a few... READ MORE

How to search for Otoplasty buried Permanent sutures inside the ears so they can be removed?

The Dr. who did my otoplasty is in another country. I did contact him and He said he can remove the sutures but i'm really afraid to go back to him... READ MORE

Ears pinned back surgery: swollen and possibly cauliflowering? Any surgeons give me leave of mind?

Had my surgery yesterday morning, then at night my left ear conch had swollen and started bleeding. It is constantly hitting my tragus and antitragus... READ MORE

Can otoplasty revision fix this? (Photo)

I had a otoplasty 2 months ago and the Plastic surgeon made this indent (yellow arrow) on my ears by using a permanent suture placed in the back of... READ MORE

Keloid scar after otoplasty. What can I do if permanent sutures are causing keloids?

Permanent sutures used to remodel the cartilage can be the cause of Keloid scars? I was reading that foreign objects under the skin can cause keloid... READ MORE

Otoplasty overcorrection - when should I start seeing changes? 1 month post-op.

I had an otoplasty 25 days ago, no cartilage was removed, and the doctor only used permament stitches to shape the ears. The swelling and nubmness are... READ MORE

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