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How Can my Cauliflower Ear Be Repaired? (photo)

I've had these for over ten years, a doctor already worked on the left one (which got worse after the surgery than pre-op!) I would really like to... READ MORE

I Want To Make My Ears Smaller, Not Change Their Projection

All my life I have been insecure about my ears and avoided sports and other activities where you can't keep your hair down. When I look at Before... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Fix Ueven Ears?

I have uneven ears, it make my face uneven. It seems that my left ear dropped 1 cm. Is there anyway to fix it? (so they will correct in horizontal... READ MORE

Born With "Flat Tipped' Ears, Can Otoplasty Fix The Helix? (photo)

I recently had a consultation with a plastic surgeon about having otoplasty. I was born with "flat tipped" ears, so my helix never truly... READ MORE

Otoplasty Procedure: Incisionless Otoplasty Vs. Traditional Method

Is incisionless otoplasty better than the traditional open method? Is there less risk with incisionless otoplasty and how do the results compare?... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery?

How Can Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery READ MORE

How to Fix Cauliflower Ear Caused from Wrestling?

Is there an ear surgery performed by plastic surgeons to address this, and what exactly is performed to fix the ears from bulging and closing? Cost... READ MORE

Temporary Otoplasty- Non Surgical Option?

Hi, I want to get otoplasty in the near future but in the mean time I wanted to see if there was a temporary solution that would not harm my ears,... READ MORE

Otoplasty Cost in Los Angeles and Orange County?

What is the approximate cost of otoplasty or ear pinning in Los Angeles and Orange County area in California? READ MORE

Ear Kept Bleeding After Otoplasty

I recently had a otoplasty. The day after the surgery, my left ear kept bleeding, and the doctor stopped it using electrocautery. When the bandage... READ MORE

Otoplasty Ear Surgery - Can Ears Be Raised Vertically?

I'm wondering if ears can be raised vertically? Lets say the top of the ear reaches the lower eyelid level. Can both ears be raised so that the top of... READ MORE

Why is one ear different than the other? (Photo)

Why is one of my ears different the other one READ MORE

One Ear is a Bit Lower then the Other Can This Be Corrected?

Its the only possibility I believe. I recently got rimless eyeglasses no hinge kind called Silhouettes. I had a pair before and they looked a little... READ MORE

Keloids After Otoplasty

Hi, I have been plagued with Keloids behind my ears following otoplasty 3 years ago. They were symmetrical keloids i.e appeared in the same place on... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Remove Excess Skin from Behind Ears?

Hello, I am 26 years of age and I have bunched up skin behind my ears (post auricular). Is there cosmetic surgery available for this issue and if so... READ MORE

Hematoma After Otoplasty- What Are The Risks? (photo)

Hi! How bad is it to get a hematoma after an otoplasty? Does it have to be drained immediately? I have read that there is a risk of fibrosis. What is... READ MORE

Can ears on a five yr old kid start to stick out all of a sudden? Can taping the ears or wearing a headband when sleeping help?

Noticed my five year old kid's ears are sticking out a little now and they weren't like that just two months ago. Also I noticed when he sleeps his... READ MORE

Otoplasty- Will My Result Improve? (photo)

Hi, I had a bilateral otoplasty performed 10 days ago. I am not happy with the result so far, the tops of the ears are sticking out and have a... READ MORE

What Techniques Are Available for Ear Reductions?

What cosmetic surgery technique for ear reduction would leave the least amount of visible or obvious scarring? READ MORE

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