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Very swollen ears after otoplasty, how long do they take to look somewhat normal?

I went to the doctor today to have my bandage changed, 5 days after surgery, and my ears were very swollen. Doctor said everything looked normal, no... READ MORE

Worried About Excessive Scarring / Bruising from Otoplasty, Is It Normal? (photo)

I had Otoplasty done 8 days ago and am very worried about the appearance of my ears. I took the bandages off two days ago and they havent changed... READ MORE

Fear This Was a Bad Otoplasty. What Should I Do? (photo)

I am 1 (one) week post-op, and I am starting to fear that my otoplasty was botched. When I think about the perfect, or just normal, ears for that... READ MORE

It Has Been One Month Since my Otoplasty. Is It Normal for my Ears to "Pop Out"?

I have been wearing a headband constantly, except while at work. When I take it off, my ears looks great. By the end of my work day, they seem to pop... READ MORE

Are These Otoplasty Scars Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

Hi there, My son had otoplasty a little over a month ago. I have noticed these little bumps at the bottom of his ear. It appeared to be tension from... READ MORE

Otoplasty Done Abroad, Is This Normal? (photo)

I had an otoplasty done in Lithuania,(too far to go back) 7 days ago, and the antihelix appears to stick out more than the helix. is this normal? and... READ MORE

Is Minor Bleeding and Headache Normal After Ears Pinned Back?

My son had his operation on Friday to have his ears pinned back. He has had some minor bleeding from his ears and a headache is this normal? READ MORE

I have just had earfold, and want to know if it's normal that they are bent back and elf like? (Photo)

I had the earfold procedure four days ago, to which the treatment was great. However my concha bowl is swollen,which I understand,because that's where... READ MORE

Is It Normal for an Ear to Still Have a Good Amount of Swelling and Puffines After 2 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

I had my otoplasty done on july 30th. About 4 days after the procedure, there was always more swelling and puffiness on my right ear. My left ear made... READ MORE

Hello, I Have Recently Had my Ears Pinned Back, Just Wanted to Ask About Pain?

Hello, I Have Recently Had my Ears Pinned Back, Just Wanted to Ask About Pain? READ MORE

How Long Will the Stiffness Last?

I had Otoplasty ear pinning exactly one year ago and my ears are still stiff, is that normal? also the result is not what i expected, since the... READ MORE

Bleeding after otoplasty. Is this normal?

I had otoplasty over 60 hours ago. Around 6 hours post op I felt blood trickle down my neck from my right ear from under my bandage, I wiper it for a... READ MORE

EarFold removal? (Photos)

Earfold implants are so visible to me, ears are over-corrected. I have been asked why my ears look funny which makes me feel self conscious. The only... READ MORE

Is this normal or signs of infection after otoplasty ?

Hi! I had otoplasty three days ago and still have that dressing. The first two days were fine, some discomfort but it wasn't anything out of the... READ MORE

Otoplasty post op 3 weeks. Is this normal scarring or keloid? (Photo)

Its been 3 weeks since my otoplasty. Is the picture considered normal scarring or keloid? READ MORE

Octoplasty Surgery 12 Days Ago, Dissovable Stiches Not Dissolving.

Should i leave it a bit longer or get in contact with the nurse. READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Regrow if the Perichondrium is Not Removed?

If ear cartilage is harvested from the conchal bowl and the perichondrium is left there , can it regrow after many years ? READ MORE

Otoplasty - 5 weeks post op - really concerned; ears stick out & pretty sore! Am I healing properly? Is this normal? (photo)

Day7: I was pleased w/the results but the pain was unbearable.Knowing that this procedure is done on kids,I felt like the pain I was feeling was not... READ MORE

Are these scars normal after 3 months of otoplasty? (photos)

I ve had otoplasty 3 months ago and on my left ear I've notice some strange scars especially on the lower section behind the lobe.There is also some... READ MORE

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