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Is there ANY other way besides surgery to flatten my protruding ears (permanently)?

I am in my mid twenties and am discouraged because I can't seem to find a way to fix this besides surgery. Is there no other way to persuade the... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery?

How Can Reduce my Ear Size Without a Surgery READ MORE

Does Sorribes Ear Method Work?

The other day I came across the following website advertising something called the Sorribes Ear Method. It says its an alternative to surgery and can... READ MORE

Temporary Otoplasty- Non Surgical Option?

Hi, I want to get otoplasty in the near future but in the mean time I wanted to see if there was a temporary solution that would not harm my ears,... READ MORE

What's the Scoop on EarWell, Non-surgical Ear Reshaping for Infants with Funny Looking Ears?

My 4-week old nephew has a cup-ear on one side and was recommended to use the EarWell system. Does this really work? Thank you. READ MORE

My infant ears are different in sizes. Is there any solution to treat this without surgery involved? (photos)

My newborn right ear appeared to be bigger, with lobe length 0.4cm longer than the left ear at week 8. Before that, they appeared similar sizes. Is... READ MORE

Are There Any Alternatives to Ear Surgery, or Will There Be Any?

I know that for now there arent so much ways to pin ears back other than otoplasty.. but may i ask, in the near future, if there are any possibilities... READ MORE

Why do my ears stick out/protrude too much?

Hi, I have been noticing a change in my ears they are usually normal looking but lately they have been sticking out on top, a lot. The left ear more... READ MORE

My ears stick out too much. How can they be improved? (Photo)

My Ears are Too Out Side is there any method except surgery to make them in Like this photo that i m posting READ MORE

Is there a way to fix prominent ears without surgery?

I am in my early teens and my ears really upset me. I can never wear my hair up without feeling self conscious. I read that wearing a headband when... READ MORE

One of my ears is flat at the top and one is curved. Can they be fixed without surgery?

I want both of my ear to look the same but i dnt want to have surgery READ MORE

I'm 14 yrs old. Can an ear be fixed without surgery? (photo)

Hello, I'm a 14 years old and I know my ears stick out.. Anyway do people hat ears like this? I heard other kids were made fun and bullied... My... READ MORE

Is There Any Less Extreme Method Than Surgery That Could Help Me? (photo)

I have watched a video about otoplasty, and I am so scared to do that with my ears, if you look at my pictures, you will see that my ears are not too... READ MORE

Laser otoplasty? Non surgical?

Has anyone heard of this method? It's called the LACR. http Where can I receive one? READ MORE

Can I put my ears back with special adhesives to make them smaller? I don't want an operation.

I want to do a question , can i put back in my ears a special Adhesives , to stick with the head , does this make a problem or somethin else in ear ,... READ MORE

What are the small bumps on the outside of my ear?

I have tiny bumps (in the same location) on both ears that make the outline of my ears less smooth. Is it possible to do a correction of these without... READ MORE

What would you recommend to shrink my ears without surgery? (photos)

I need to shrink them because of i get made fun of to much. I always do even though there my friends, please help shrink my ear. Please HELP me... READ MORE

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