Jaw + Ear Surgery

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Is There Any Way to Fix Ueven Ears?

I have uneven ears, it make my face uneven. It seems that my left ear dropped 1 cm. Is there anyway to fix it? (so they will correct in horizontal... READ MORE

My ears are too far back, can anything be done about that?

I know this sounds unusual, but I really hate how I look from the side, my ears look too far back and as a result my jaw is too '' long '', I wish my... READ MORE

Otoplasty - But Overcrowed teeth and Overjet

I have decided to get surgery done for my protruding ears. However I intended on getting braces to correct my lower jaw being overcrowded and my... READ MORE

Is it possible to have an otoplasty, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and a jaw implants at the same time?

I know the plastic surgeon will tell me but I want to know this in advance. I'm 30 years old, very healthy READ MORE

Can I get otoplasty and eyelid retraction/canthoplasty before jaw surgery?

I am getting jaw surgery in 6 months. However, I would like to fix my ears and eyes. Can I do this before jaw surgery? Or will the soft tissue changes... READ MORE

Just went through otoplasty yesterday & now I feel a tingling sensation near my jaw?

While in surgery I felt a tingling sensation and I told the doctor and he said it must've been a nerve. Is this going to go away soon or was this a... READ MORE

Effect of jaw alignment on ear surgery (otoplasty)?

I am having ear surgery (otoplasty) but I feel like my jaw is unbalanced will it have an effect on my ear surgery or does ear surgery have nothing to... READ MORE

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