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How Noticeable Are the Scars After an Otoplasty?

Where do they cut into the scalp and ears during ear surgery and are the scars really noticeable? READ MORE

How Effective is Incision-less Otoplasty? What Are the Average Costs? Where Could I Get It Done?

The top of my ears stick out a bit and I was wondering if I could get incision-less otoplasty done. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!! READ MORE

When Can I Shower After Tynamoplasty with Incesion Behind Ear?

I had type two tynamoplasty and have a incesion behine my ear. When can I wash my hair? READ MORE

Anterior and posterior incision otoplasty?

I have been informed by one plastic surgeon that it is necessary to make an anterior incision to reduce the conchal bowl and a posterior incision to... READ MORE

Just had an otoplasty done 1 wk, 6 days ago, have some swelling incision area of left ear. Could this be an infection? (photo)

This swelling started at about 4-5 days post op, it didn't really hurt at first but now it hurts a little especially if I touch it. I had my stiches... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty? Is this normal? (Photos)

I had otoplasty about three weeks ago and my ears don't look very normal. My ear shape before was fine I was just missing the antihelix . My incision... READ MORE

I got an otoplasty (only ear pinning) 18 days ago... is it safe to get my hair colored? (Photo)

My surgeon gave me the ok but I'm still scared that the incisions might get infected or something. I have a wedding to attend this week and I really... READ MORE

My ears are big but not protrude. I went to several doctors but they say me that they had never done this surgery before.(photo)

There will be visible scars and this does not worth it.they say that they can only make otoplasty surgery for protrude ears. only one doctor said he... READ MORE

Is it possible to repair the cartilage in my ear after trauma? (photos)

I had some trauma to my ear which caused a fracture / bump near the triangle of the ear and also an indention on the side of the helix. I also have... READ MORE

Scary incisions in backs of my ears seem unbearable and noticeable. Will scars be unnoticeable after a few weeks off? (Photo)

Finally doing Otoplasty after wanting to for years! Shooting for Sep.'16. Is there any way to avoid attention drawing incisions in backs of my ears... READ MORE

Is this hematoma or ear infection? 2 months post-op.

It's been two months since i had an otoplasty.However on the back of the ear at a part of the incision a white fluid comes out of the ear.That area i... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Had otoplasty 2 weeks ago today. Had infection, 14 days on antibiotics. Hole appears to be growing. (photos)

Infection liquid leaking out of incision hole. Hole appears to be growing, still have 3 days of antibiotics. This is a follow up to my first question . READ MORE

Are internal sutures being placed in every otoplasty?

Hi.Are internal sutures being placed in every otoplasty?Also do the stiches that close the incision keep the ear in it's new place or is this due to... READ MORE

Is it risky to remove skin from the cartilage around the inferior crux to remove cartilage resulting from a hematoma? (Photo)

Would an incision be made around the helix or the concha bowl to access the inferior crus / triangle fossa area? Is it risky to access that area? READ MORE

Incisionsless otoplasty long term results?

I did it one year ago, and last 3..5 months I can feel by my fingers around 1mm of suture at the back of both ears, as well as few more suture threads... READ MORE

I have one ear which is curved. Where would the knife incisions go? Would there be any visible scar and how long would it be?

My helix is curved 1/4 of the way then becomes flat all the way up. My actual ear is curved but the helix itself becomes flat. My other is curved and... READ MORE

Can the displaced cartilage on the helical rim be softened to fix my helical rim? (Photo)

The helical rim has a little dent because the cartilage was displaced slightly and pulls the scar tissue on the rim inward. Can a small procedure be... READ MORE

Why didn't my doctor wrap my head with a bandage and not even ask me to wear headband? (Photo)

I did otoplasty and right after its done the doctor did not put any bandage on and instead just covered the incision area with some dressing taped to... READ MORE

Is it hard to remove the skin on the front side of the ear from cartilage without cutting or tearing the cartilage itself?

I need an area around the inferior crux fixed due to trauma. Are doctors able to make a hidden incision inside the helical rim without cutting the... READ MORE

8 days post otoplasty. Do my ears look as if they're healing correctly? (Photo)

I have probably quite a common concern that one day my ears will all of a sudden pop back to how they used to be, I understand there's swelling and... READ MORE

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