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Will an Otoplasty Improve a person's Hearing?

Will make the ears look better, but does this also help improve hearing? READ MORE

How Long Will the Stiffness Last?

I had Otoplasty ear pinning exactly one year ago and my ears are still stiff, is that normal? also the result is not what i expected, since the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for ear fold procedure? (photos)

I am thinking about getting the earfold procedure and have had photos done with the test implants stuck ears are uneven and so I don't think... READ MORE

Otoplasty revision required? (Photo)

I had an otoplasty 10 days ago ,from what i see so far the result is worse than i could ever expect ..The antihelix seems to be separated and put back... READ MORE

I had otoplasty 3 months ago. The problem I asked to be addressed hasn't been and one of my ears is even worse. My imagination?

I've always had an outward curvature from mid ear up making me feel like I had "satellite dishes" on the sides of my head. I explained the result I... READ MORE

Otoplasty: Can swelling make ears protrude more? I am disappointed with results and the tops are now pointy

After a conchal bowl reduction my ears still seem to stick out in the middle, and the top now protrudes more as well as being pointy, will this... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Otoplasty or Chin Implant? (photos)

I'm quickly losing the genetic hair battle and a buzz cut will soon be a part of my future. Knowing that, what procedure would best improve my looks?... READ MORE

Could there be any improvements made towards my ears? (Photo)

My ears have always been a major issue for me growing up and I believe they are the reason I suffer with social anxiety disorder. I just wanted to... READ MORE

Unsatisfied with earlobes after otoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello, I've done otoplasty about 7 months ago i have an improvement but my earlobes is still the same like before surgery.Is it possible to make... READ MORE

Would revision surgery on my ears be necessary, or even worth it? (photos)

I've had lop/cup ears all my life, and finally had an otoplasty about three years ago. At first, I was really happy with them, but over time I feel... READ MORE

Could this be improved through surgery and how much would it cost? (Photo)

I've had this deformity since birth and now I'm looking to get it corrected. I believe it is called Stahl's ear and it is resulted in one of my ears... READ MORE

Is skin removal sufficient to pin ears backs after otoplasty with poor results?

Hello, I had an otoplasty done, a couple of months, using Stenström's technique. After two months, I find the results very disappointing. The ... READ MORE

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