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Will an Otoplasty Improve a person's Hearing?

Will make the ears look better, but does this also help improve hearing? READ MORE

Are There Any Risks About Getting Otoplasty, and Can People Under the Age of 18 Get It?

Can ear correction affect hearing, and at what age can it be administered (I know there is no legal age set, but at what age would it be considered at?) READ MORE

I have a partial loss hearing after otoplasty ? Is that normal especially in my left ear? I have little bit of vertigo.

I had an otoplasty 21 days ago and I went to doctor's office to "follow up" and the doctor found out a stitch under the scar. He said it have to be... READ MORE

Otoplasty can cause stenosis of the ear canal? (photos)

I ha an otoplasty 1.5 month ago and I feel my hearing is little weird. I would like to know which otoplasty suture technique is the one that can cause... READ MORE

Reverse Otoplasty for Hearing Improvement?

When I pull my ears slightly away from my head (they lay very flat), my hearing improves DRAMATICALLY. Would a reverse otoplasty be a reasonable or... READ MORE

I have sudden sensory neural hearing loss after tympanoplasty. Can hearing come back?

I have sudden sensory neural hearing loss two days after tympanoplasty. My doctor prescribed strong steroid for 2 weeks. But I think it's why lots of... READ MORE

Otoplasty - can ear auditory canal be affected?

I had otoplasty (suture technique) 5 weeks ago swelling in both ear are different. Left ear is ok just a bit of discomfort but no pain - right ear... READ MORE

Can you have an otoplasty (ears pinned back) when suffering from tinnitus caused by acoustic trauma?

I have a 60dB hearing loss on my left ear and a little less on my right. I'm looking to get a simple ear-pinning surgery to my ears. Is the surgery... READ MORE

Does my condition qualify as "necessary surgery"?

Here's the deal. My right ear is a congenital defect, it didn't grow properly in the womb and I can't hear out of it. I have Medicare and was... READ MORE

Is otoplasty safe for the deaf and the hard of hearing?

Ears are protruding and otoplasty would normally be required. However, would I still be able to wear the same hearing aids as before? Or would the... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my underdeveloped right earlobe? Is there a medical term for this deformity? (Photos)

I was born with this and told that the umbilical cord could have wrapped my right ear, thus causing my lobe to not fully develope. I have no problems... READ MORE

Why are my ears like that - ear malformation? (photos)

Hello, can you tell me why my ear are like that ? do i have a disease ? connective tissue disorder or something like that ? can i fix it with surgery... READ MORE

Low set ears of syndromic cause, is there anyway to fix this?

I'm concerned about facial harmony due to my outwardly rotated low set ears due to a genetic syndrome. Is there anyway to fix this? Or am I limited by... READ MORE

Creaks heard during eating and jaw movement. Is it normal?

4-5 years after otoplasty I started to hear cracks from my eras while eating or opening my mouth a bit more than usualy. It started with one ear and... READ MORE

How do you treat the narrowing of the ear canal due to plastic surgery and patchulos eustachin tube disorder?

Hearing loss; feeling of congestion; cannot pop my ears. Horrible feeling that does not go away. I had surgery in the middle of December 2016. READ MORE

11th ear tube plcmnt; blood behind eardrums. . I have had a heartbeat sound in my ears, no improvement in my hearing, and pain.

Had tubes placed in my ears 11 times total. Most recently the 11th surgery it was April 8, and no improvement. I have heartbeat sound in my ears, no... READ MORE

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