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How Do the Stitches on Your Ear Look After Auricular Cartilage Grafting . Does Fascia Grafting Leave a Scar on Your Head?

I am concerned about how will the stitches and scars on my ear and head look after this procedures. I would deeply appreciate some help by sending me... READ MORE

Options For Ear Reconstruction After Cartilage Harvest for Rhinoplasty ?

As I wrote before,I had a revision rhinoplasty with ear cartilage grafts. I can feel and see the depression in my ear (the cartilage was taken from... READ MORE

Can Ear Cartilage Graft from Nose Be Placed Back in the Conchal Bowl?

I asked a question about ear reconstruction after cartilage harvest for revision rhinoplasty. I will soon remove the one ear cartilage graft from my... READ MORE

Reconstructing ear after failed otoplasty?

I had an otoplasty on one ear, and it was a complete failure. The surgeon ended up removing a lot of cartilage and skin from my conchal bowl causing... READ MORE

Can Ear Graft Be Correct?

Hi, My doctor suggested fascia tissue for my ear. is this ok? he seems very professional and cares alot about his work. READ MORE

How Many Years Are We from Being Able to Engineer Autologous Ear Cartilage?

Several years ago, I harvested the conchal cartilage of my left ear as graft material for a rhinoplasty. Unfortunately, I hate how the harvested ear... READ MORE

Left ear was over corrected. Do I need cartilage graft to have my conchal bowl back? (Photos)

 My right ear had only one intervention. My left war had an ultoo much cartilage and an under devoloped anti helix. I had a unilateral... READ MORE

Is it the solution and it will be look good? (photos)

Idid ear reconstruction 2 months ago and lost the graft due to vascular supply insufficiency(as surgeon told me) . Idid surgery one week ago and... READ MORE

Last Year I Had Tympanoplasty Surgery but Stil Its Not Healing and Suffering with Infection but Grat is Good but Little Weak?

My doctor said graft is good and healing but got an infection.since from last 5 months I have infection in my right ear. I consulted another doctor he... READ MORE

Auricular graft harvest?

Is it common/obligatory to leave the ear (concha) cartilage along the antihelical fold during harvest? just curious because my previous surgeon also... READ MORE

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