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How Long to Wear Headband After an Otoplasty That Involved Cartilage Excision?

I had cartilage excised from both of my ears and had the ears attached with permanent sutures to the head. My surgeon said that I should wear the... READ MORE

Otoplasty, Conchal excision and future rhinoplasty. Bit of an odd question?

I am having otoplasty and a chin implant in a few weeks. I am told that conchal excision will be used to pin my ears back. I am considering... READ MORE

Ear reconstruction: Why do keloids usually grow back bigger and more aggressively?

I am female Caucasian I have two keloids on the tops of each ear this Friday I am getting them excised along with some upper ear reconstruction, my... READ MORE

Revision otoplasty: will excision of excess skin in conchal bowl leave visible scar?

I had otoplasty procedure done 6 months ago. The surgeon used the cartilage removal technique. I ended up with telephone ears that have thick skin... READ MORE

Pain and tightness 6 weeks after otoplasty. What could it be? (photos)

Six weeks ago I had cartilage excision and permanent stitches put in. I only started removing my headband during the day about 10 days ago (and still... READ MORE

Can a revision be done on otoplasty performed 15 years ago? (Photo)

Had from what the one pic will show is presumably a botched otoplasty 16 years ago. I have this excessive "tissue" in my left ear that my right... READ MORE

Injections or Excision for Keloid? Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon? (photos)

I had otoplasty 18 months ago. Over the past week, this large keloid has formed on the back of the ear along the suture site. From the limited... READ MORE

Will Wearing Headband Longer Than Required Impact Otoplasty Results?

I had bilateral otoplasty with cartilage excision performed on 5/13 and tomorrow will mark 3 weeks that I have been wearing a headband 24/7. My... READ MORE

Is the otoplasty headband I was given too tight?

I had otoplasty with cartilage excision and suturing done 5/13. The surgeon wants me to wear a headband for 3 weeks and then two months at night. I... READ MORE

Middle third of ear pinned way too far back. Any suggestions?

Nearly 5 weeks post otoplasty and one of my ears looks deformed. The middle part has been pinned so far back that the anti helix no longer lines up... READ MORE

Is there anyway that the top of my ear could be given a more rounded shape and have vertical height reduced from the top?(Photo)

Hi, i'd really like to shorten the length of my ears, (4-5mm maybe?) and round them off more (as they are pointy-ish). I was wondering if there was... READ MORE

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