Excess Skin + Ear Surgery

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Is There a Surgery to Remove Excess Skin from Behind Ears?

Hello, I am 26 years of age and I have bunched up skin behind my ears (post auricular). Is there cosmetic surgery available for this issue and if so... READ MORE

Toddler African-American Otoplasty Stitches

My toddler had otoplasty surgery a week ago. The stitches put are big, crooked, and visible. Behind her right ear there's extra meat and scarring... READ MORE

Many years after otoplasty, I have a conchal bowl ridge. (Photo)

As you can see, from the attached photos, I have a conchal bowl ridge from previous otoplasty performed nearly 16 years ago. I've lived with it all of... READ MORE

Revision otoplasty: will excision of excess skin in conchal bowl leave visible scar?

I had otoplasty procedure done 6 months ago. The surgeon used the cartilage removal technique. I ended up with telephone ears that have thick skin... READ MORE

Do my earlobes need to be pinned and setback? Is earlobe pinning a safe procedure? Will there be a visible excess skin? (photo)

I had an otoplasty almost 3 months ago in which cartilage was removed and permenant sutures were used. I went to see my doctor last week regarding my... READ MORE

Excess skin lump post-op otoplasty? (photo)

Hello everyone, I recently had otoplasty done about 9 days ago as of today, the 29th. Everything is all good and all except for this one thing. I... READ MORE

Can I repair a stretched ear "blow out" with out downsizing my stretched ears?

I have had my ears stretched for around 5 years, and have had a blow out for about 3 of those years. My ears are an inch, and I do love them. I am... READ MORE

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