Elf Ear + Ear Surgery

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Can Elf Ears Be Fixed?

My ears are asymmetrical. My left ear is pointy like an elf and my right ear is less pointy and sticks out. Can this be fixed? READ MORE

Fixing elf ears: Are pointy ears something that is tough to fix? (photos)

My right ear is pointy on the top and sticks out quite a bit compared to my left ear. The left ear has a slight fold but no where near as bad as my... READ MORE

Would surgeons agree to ear pointing and sculpting? (photo)

I wanted to see which surgeon would agree to perform this otoplasty in the tristate area (I'm willing to travel too). I want to get "elf" ears done... READ MORE

I have just had earfold, and want to know if it's normal that they are bent back and elf like? (Photo)

I had the earfold procedure four days ago, to which the treatment was great. However my concha bowl is swollen,which I understand,because that's where... READ MORE

Why do my ears lack a fold/helix at the top? (photos)

My ears don't bother me, I am asking more out of curiosity. People have pointed it out, usually calling me an "elf." There wasn't much I could find on... READ MORE

Can I Just Have the Top of my Ears Pinned/shaped? If So, is This Simpler and Less Costly Than a Full Otoplasty? (photo)

As can be seen from the pictures, my ears protrude at the top in a 'elf' like fashion - one worse than the other. The rest of my ear(s) are a good... READ MORE

Do I have Stahl's ear? Is the surgery to correct it very risky or invasive? (Photos)

I saw a photo on here that reminded me of my own ears. I looked up some pictures and I realized the extra cartilage might be why my ears don't curl at... READ MORE

I have pointy on my ears that are elf like. About how much is the price range for that and when you go for a consultation?

I have points to my ears and am very much considering having them removed, as I am extremely self conscious about them.b About how much is the price... READ MORE

Can my unfolded ear be corrected? (photos)

I was born with no fold in my ears which gives an elf like appreance from the front view and makes them appear much larger. Can this be easily... READ MORE

Ear deformity, help needed, read?

One of my ear is ike that of an elf. So i taped it using strong duct tape, and it stays the way i like it to be normal. So since i have winter... READ MORE

Can you reduce the size of my elf ears?

My ears are so pointy and big to the point where I could be one of Santas elves. I can't put my hair in a pony tail in public because everyone stares.... READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape my flat ear helix? (Photos)

I have these odd elf looking ears with helix completely flat. Normal ears have rounded tips but mine is the cartilage glued together like someone... READ MORE

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